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How much is 100 US Dollar in Nigerian Naira? What is the value of 100$ in black market? If I want to buy 100 USD how much Naira will I pay?

The 100 Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate is 57000 Naira

The exchange rate between the Dollar and Naira has been fluctuating, also been on a downward slope and has not been a smooth ride between the currency pairs.Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate

If you want to buy 100 Dollars right now in the Black market you are going to spend 57000 Naira

While if you want to Sell 100 Dollars in the Black market you should get 56000


In summary The Black market exchange rate between the 100 Dollars and the Nigerian closed at 56000 Naira 

You could see that the Nigerian naira has continued its downward spiral

The above currency rate is just the Aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today and was calculated with our currency conversion tools.

Talentbase currency tool remains free and its also very fast and accurate when it comes in giving you the best current data based on Black market rate or parallel market currency rate.

Please note that the figures put up here is the currency rate as obtained from the Black market and is different from the official CBN currency rate.

The black market is much different from the official market because they are not guided by principles of the CBN.

The black market can be called the shadow economy or the a currency market that takes place in the underground and its largely unregulated, rather their responds quickly to law of demands and supply.

Are you searching for Abokifx exchange rate in Nigeria today black market? We now have it calculated for you automatically using our dynamic tools giving you the best rate.

Is parallel market same as black market

Yes parallel market is the same as the black market and it exist side by side with the official central bank of Nigeria and the difference between the two exchange rate is large.

Parallel market are usually the result of price legislation, there has been every effort by the Government to stabilise the Naira

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