Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer 2024

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Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program  how to apply here

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program

Have you heard about the federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program? You might wonder if its real and authentic or just a kind of fraudulent scheme promoted by men of the under world for their selfish interest.Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program

The truth of the matter is that there is a Government Program known as RRR which stands for Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) which is a cash transfer program that was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

You might ask What is the Covid-19 ‘Rapid Response Register’ (RRR) project all about?


The Rapid Response Register is just another intervention programme that is being handled by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

The programme targets areas or places be it in urban and semi-urban areas whose people or inhabitants are economically mostly affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Beneficiaries of Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program

You might ask who are these groups of people that will benefit from this funds? Well the group of people that will largely benefit are those that have been adversely affected and has been left vulnerable by the pandemic.

But to be considered qualified for this grant it means applicant does not need to belong, registered or benefiting from any of the federal Government National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) scheme.

Note: As long as you are poor, living in a peri-urban high-density locations and/or slums or just a low income earners who have in one way or the other lost their sources of livelihood, jobs or businesses will be considered much more eligible to apply or register for this program.

How many people will the Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Program Hold?

The scheme has been designed to help lift families up and get them going during this hard time.
Right now the funds budgeted is to cover just one million households from all states in Nigeria. We still believe that the Government will likely make more budgetary allocation to cover and register more families.

Do I automatically qualify for the intervention if my community has been identified & I apply?

For you to be considered qualified you must pass through some verification checked. The Government will have to establish facts that truly you have been affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Can I still apply if I am already benefitting from or enlisted in other interventions under the NASSP (like National Social Register or @HUPcct?

Just like we said before, only those who has not been registered for or benefiting from any Government intervention programme like Npower, survival funds etc.

RRR breakdown for Beneficiaries nationwide:

The Nigerian Government has allocated slots to each states because of the principle of federal character. This is to help make sure everyone is satisfied and carried along.

Application for the Rapid Response Registerfor COVID-19 Cash Transfer program to commence soon.

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