Advantages Of Flexible Work Hours

A flexible work schedule; Every working class person’s dream. Many Nigerian business owners do not consider this option because they simply think it is absurd. Having flexible work policies can contribute immensely to a healthy company culture and even business success.

Here are some advantages of flexible work hours in the workplace;

Increased Productivity: Numerous researches have shown that employees are more productive when they work from home.

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A 10 month study was conducted at;  a billion dollar Shanghai based company, where half of the workers (that volunteered for the study) were allowed to work from home. The results were; the work-from-home staff were 13.5% more productive than the staff in the office. Further researched showed that the reason for the increase in productivity was because the employees were in a more conducive and comfortable environment; their homes.

Employee Empowerment & Satisfaction: Employees feel empowered when they are given flexible hours because it allows them have a work life balance. A flexible schedule also tends to reduce stress levels and in turn improve the overall health of the employees. A study conducted in the University of Minnesota revealed that employees that had flexible work schedules were healthier because it enabled them take better take care of themselves. Remember, a healthy employee is a happy employee and a happy/satisfied employee is a more productive employee.

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Reduced Business Costs: Letting employees work from home can save a business a whole lot of money. Let me take us back to the study conducted at During the 10 month period, each employee that worked from home saved the company close to $2,000. Now that is a significant amount.

Employee Retention: Employees that have a flexible work schedule are more likely to remain with your company than those that don’t. This is because, providing flexible hours for your employees means that you care about them and their work life balance (which many employees wish they had).

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In addition to all the points mentioned above, a flexible work schedule also leads to faster business growth, effective teamwork, loyal employees and a healthy work environment with reduced office politics.

When setting up the flexible work policies, make sure to put into consideration the goals of the company and the needs of your employees.



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