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How To Avoid Bad Hiring

In some cases it takes one person to change the world, and in most cases it takes one person to ruin it too.
There’s nothing worse than hiring someone who is indeed qualified, but has very bad attitude. But it doesn’t stop there. It is also important to avoid hiring someone who might have a great personality, but just doesn’t fit well into the business culture you have established.

Hiring the wrong candidate for a job can have a huge impact on a business, from loss of productivity, time, right down to legal risks.
Here are some steps which companies should consider taking to avoid hiring the wrong candidates for a job.

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It is important for employers to know exactly what they are looking for in a new employee. Just like I stated in my previous article; make sure the job description is detailed and has no errors. Your new hire must know exactly what she/he is getting themselves into.

Once you select the resumes you are interested in, calling the candidate is the next best thing. During the call, ask them simple questions combined with a skill and personality test.
By doing this, you can get a better sense of who they are, thus getting a decent read on him/her making the process unbiased and more accurate.
Also be observant of the tone of their voice. Are they enthusiastic? Are they sharp? Do they speak clearly and confidently?
When all this is done, you can then decide if you want to invite them for a face-to-face interview.

I personally think this is the best way to make the perfect hire because you can’t go wrong with referrals. Try to gather at least 3 professional recommendations and if possible. Referrals can also come from a reputable staffing agency that has done a lot the work of screening candidates before pitching them to potential employers.

This is a very important step, but you would be surprised at how many Nigerian companies run passed this.
It is important to run thorough background checks on candidates, including drug tests. Skipping this step might lead to serious consequences for the company (theft, unhealthy company culture, legal issues and so on). The safety of the company and its employees should always come first.

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If time isn’t on your hands, consider using professional services such as employment agencies or a recruiter to help you find just what you are looking for.
Always proceed with caution in hiring decisions, the right talent can build your business, but a bad apple can destroy culture, halt company growth and in extreme cases bring down the company as a whole.


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TalentBase Recruitment Services

Great companies know how to attract high quality staff. Talentbase delivers the promise of a completely automated recruitment solution through innovative cloud based technology and a unique set of services. Take your organization to the next level by adopting an efficient and easy-to-use recruitment tool.

With TalentBase one-stop recruitment platform employers can:

  • Advertise current vacancies across multiple channels
  • Receive applications in preferred formats
  • Request and receive specific supporting documents
  • Filter/screen applications in seconds
  • Track applicants with star rating feature
  • Retain a database of potential employees
  • Send automated messages to declined and shortlisted candidates

Attracting the Right Applicants

Through a unique broadcast process, Talentbase allows employers advertise current vacancies on several job boards and employment advertisement channels in one click. Immediately a job vacancy is posted on the platform, it is broadcasted on several channels allowing for greater visibility of current employment opportunities. Having a pool of talent at your fingertips means that your business is ahead of the competition when it comes to finding the perfect team-mate.

Screening, Instant Shortlist and Selection

Our easy-to-use tools enable employers’ select preferred applicants, by filtering through profiles, resumes and cover letters in a fast and very efficient fashion. Employers can also ask specific questions and screen applicants on the basis of answers provided. Shortlisted applicants can also be contacted for interview via the platform.

Automated Emails to Applicants

Declined candidates receive an automated message thanking and advising them on the status of their application. Applicants can also be contacted for interview via the platform.

Improve Efficiency and Save Resources

Since Talentbase streamlines and automates key recruitment processes, crucial savings is made on time, energy and cost. The margin for error also diminishes while allowing for greater efficiency.

 Key Features Key Benefits
Automated e-recruitment Recruit any time, anywhere
Vacancy broadcast to multiple channels Savings on recruitment cost
Filters for easy screening Improved process efficiency
Applicant tracking process Better employee productivity
Applicant rating system Faster recruitment turnaround time
Intelligence and analytics Talent pool of applicants for future vacancies
Branding and career site Seamless hiring and on-boarding process
Custom Q & A section Reduced employee turnover
Flexible platform Improved quality of applicants
Rapid precision matching
Build position-specific talent pool
Bespoke recruitment options


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