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How can we get started on TalentBase?

Give us a call on +234-8183377264 or email info@talentbase.ng to request a product demo. We’ll respond right away and help you better understand how TalentBase fits into your organization.

We currently use excel or paper records. Can we migrate the existing data?

Yes, your data can be migrated into your TalentBase HRIS account via excel uploads. We will work with you to ensure this process is completed without a hitch.

How many employees can be managed on TalentBase?

As many as your company has or needs. TalentBase is built on cloud technology infrastructure allowing us to add additional servers or databases to accommodate growth in the number of employee accounts. As such you will not experience any degradation in the application’s performance as you add more employees.

Would my managers and employees have self-service accounts?

Yes, the Admin can grant role-based access to all or selected employees which allows them to log-in to self-service accounts to perform various tasks, e.g. apply for leave, download pay slips, etc.

What kind of training or after-sales support is provided?

We provide training as you get started on TalentBase and are always available to answer your questions or receive feedback. Our customer support team is always online and available via a live chat tool. You can also email or call us directly to address any questions you might have.

How affordable is TalentBase?

TalentBase is a free payroll and HR software for small businesses. If you are a business with more than 100 employees, please contact us for enterprise packages. TalentBase HRIS offers significant value for money.

Can I use TalentBase without internet connection?

TalentBase is a cloud-based application so you do require internet access to fully utilize the application.

I want to host TalentBase internally. Is this possible?

Yes, but only for large enterprises with in-house IT support and infrastructure. Please call us to discuss in more detail.

Can TalentBase integrate with other business software applications?

Yes, we do have a robust API and are gradually integrating with other external software applications. Do reach out to us if you have any questions on when your specific software application will be fully integrated.

Is my data secure on TalentBase?

We have implemented multiple layers of security to ensure your data is secure and protected. Our server and database infrastructure is currently hosted on RackSpace, one of the most reliable and secure data infrastructure providers in the world.




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