Is It Possible To Work With A Family Member?

So imagine you find yourself in an unusual situation; working with an actual family member! That’s crazy isn’t it? I can think of a million and one reasons why that is a completely horrible idea but let me just list four;


  • You know everything about each other
  • Extra level of emotional attachment (which might lead to unnecessary office politics)
  • The authority dynamics in the family might be an issue
  • You might become over protective


Do you see how tricky this types of situations are? But is it really possible to work with a family member? Of course it is; Anything is possible! Here are some tips:


Do what you need to do: First of all, you need to acknowledge each other’s position and come to an agreement that both of you will work together on a neutral and professional ground. If there’s ever an issue, it should be addressed immediately, as professionally as possible and make sure to keep your personal lives out of it.

No preferential treatment: Yes we might be tempted to treat our family members better than everyone else; After all, family comes first. Right? – Wrong! At least just in this particular situation. Everyone at the office is an employee, therefore you need to treat everyone equally; keep it respectful and professional because the last thing you need it office politics and unnecessary drama.

Come out of the closet: It is actually very strange but I have seen people hide the fact that they work with a family member. People will eventually find out so why hide it in the first place? It will only create unnecessary questions, doubts and trust issues. And you really do not want that.

Make sure everyone knows that you are working with your family member, but, like I said earlier, no preferential treatment.

Put a pen on it: Now this might come off as a little harsh but the both of you need to sign a contract clearly stating each person’s role and responsibilities. This will help create trust and transparency in the workplace and put the other employees at ease which is what you need for perfect harmony.

No matter who you are, working with a family member is always weird. That is why you need to approach this situation with caution and consideration.



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