Visualize Your Entire Workforce

Set-up Your Enterprises’ Structure

Create custom job roles/descriptions, locations and departments, to quickly view an auto generated organogram which adapts as your structure changes

Staff Directory for Your Entire Workforce

Manage staff records, add new employees as you grow and easily update employment status as the admin or communicate via SMS messages, from the staff directory
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Easier Records Management

Unlimited File Storage for Personnel Records

With unlimited file storage for relevant personnel records and daily auto-backups, your records are always available to you when needed

Self-service for Employees and Managers

Employees can provide any requested personnel information via self-service accounts, significantly reducing time spent collecting and maintaining your records
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Fine Access Controls and Permissions

Multiple Access Levels

Grant access to all or selected employees, with varying levels of access and permission as regular employees, managers, or secondary admins

Restricted Access for your External Consultants

Set-up temporary access for external HR consultants, allowing access to selected features and records for a time-period, after which access is auto-revoked


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