Define Your Compensation Structure

Add Pay Grades for Each Role

Use our compensation guides to quickly set-up flexible and tax-compliant pay structures for various roles in your enterprise

Create Custom Pay Types and Allowances

Define different pay types, allowances, deductions, or contributions that may be unique to your pay structure


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Run Payroll With Ease

Auto-calculate Taxes, Deductions and Contributions

In a few clicks, generate pay checks for salary or hourly workers, with accurate tax and deduction calculations

Generate Pay Slips for Employees

Self service accounts allow each employee to download or print copies of their personal pay slips


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Payroll Approval and Records Management

Auditing and SMS-based Authentication

In-built step-by-step payroll process allows you define different auditing checks and also use SMS-based authentication for final approval

Download Excel Records of Payment Schedule

Generate excel or pdf reports on payroll records, including payment schedule for your bank or tax remission records for the tax auditor


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