Measure Key Competencies

Create Custom Appraisals

Identify KPIs for the various roles in your organization and create simple self or manager appraisal template forms

Set Rating Scales and Grades

Flexible scoring and weighting scales allow you define scoring preferences based on your organizations reporting formats
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Automate Your Appraisal Process

Set-up Recurring Appraisal Cycles

Set-up one or multiple recurring cycles on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis with email alerts for completed or upcoming review cycles

Assign and Aggregate Appraisals from Employees

Self service accounts for each employee to receive alerts and complete assigned appraisals for the period under review


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Track Skill Gaps & Improvement

Generate Score Reports from each Appraisal

Auto generated score cards on each employee provide for easy assessment of the employees performance

Identify Key Areas of Improvement

Over time, chart an employees performance on specific recurring KPIs and quickly identify training needs
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