Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

Talent Sourcing Just Got Easier

Branded Career Page

Your job vacancies are displayed on a customizable career page from which job seekers can apply

Broadcast Vacancies to Multiple Job Boards

Any jobs you publish are also pushed out via our job distribution engine to multiple job boards ensuring your vacancies are reaching the right audience

Leverage Social Media Networks

Integrated sharing features for selected social networks e.g. LinkedIn, provides the necessary tools to share and broadcast your vacancies


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Embrace Collaborative Hiring

Tap into your Employees Networks

Easy to use tools allow you to share job vacancies across your organization and invite referrals from your employees

Collaborate with Your Hiring Team

Grant access to selected hiring managers or employees within your company to help prescreen and evaluate applications

Leverage our Recruiting Specialists

Seamlessly select and engage your preferred choice from our vetted network of HR/Recruiting Specialists who can help select the right talent for your company


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Start Developing a Talent Pipeline

Easily prescreen Candidate applications

The screening and advanced filtering tools help you quickly narrow down the applicants and quickly shortlist or decline the applications.

Track Applicant Progress

Leave notes on each applicant for your hiring team members to review in the future. Quickly send interview messages directly to shortlisted candidates with ease

Bookmark promising Candidates

Tag and bookmark applicants who may not fit the current role but could be ideal for later positions.


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