Npower 2023 Download; Upload PPA Acceptance/Deployment Letter

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Easy way to download or upload your deployment letter for Npower PPA

The Npower scheme is a Nigerian program that has been instituted by the Nigerian federal government.

It was established on the 8th of June, 2016.

This program is a component of the national social investment program. So it is a program that offers a framework for bigger-scale skill acquisition.

The essence of Npower is to enable beneficiaries to get skills as fast they can

The programme is an empowerment program for the citizens of Nigeria. This helps in job creation for the teeming masses and gives leeway for qualified applicants to be employed under the scheme.

The selection process for this recent batch of applicants began last year for the different categories of the scheme

As it stands over 500,000 applicants are already eligible for deployment. So they are expected to get their deployment letter as soon as possible so that the exercise can commence in earnest.

The good news Is that the federal government is promising to do more. The government is looking at accommodating more people for the program.

There would be an expansion for beneficiary numbers which making it to million-persons per time is the goal.

There is an official portal that all activities which includes downloading of Npower PPA deployment letter, making payments and uploading ppa letter will be carried out. The right portal is the NASIMS portal @

So have you been looking for accurate information on how to either upload or download Npower PPA deployment letter? Then you are on the right page because you would be getting the right guide on doing it correctly below.

How to download Npower PPA Deployment /Acceptance letter


So the deployment letter has been available already on the official website. The Npower NASIMS portal which is

if you have been cleared for deployment then you should get your deployment letter which would be used for the Npower physical verification that is slated to hold. All you need do is to follow the below steps:

  • Register on the official portal and login at
  • Get into your dashboard using both your password and your email address
  • Go to the Deployment tab and click on it to view all details concerning your NPOWER deployment
  • If you have been deployed, the message will read thus” we have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details
  • But you haven’t been deployed; your message will show these texts “you have not been deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after the deployment date has been set”

So you can now go ahead to download it, if deployed either in hard copy or into your phone.

But the snag of using your phone to download is that you can’t get it in hard copy. You can only download and view the letter with your phone.

So the best way out will be downloading your letter on a device that is connected to a printer.

You will need to have your letter in a hard copy. If you do not have a printer at home, Get to a commercial computer center and print your letter out.

How to upload your NPower acceptance letter

if you have accepted the offer of Npower after being deployed, then you would need to upload the acceptance letter for verification.

Without doing this, you wouldn’t be verified by the Npower team and you can’t have your stipends monthly as well. so to achieve this, do the following:

  • Go to and download the acceptance letter. Login using your password and emailNpower
  • Then go to your dashboard, click to open and you would see screening verification, then deployment Npower acceptance uploadNpower
  • Click on the upload tab, to upload your letter, then you can enter your account number and your BVN number, and finally, click on submit. You are done with the verification exercise.Npower

Note that when once you have been deployed, you are expected to resume work almost immediately. So take the official 3 preparatory days and put everything in place so that you can resume as expected.

It has been stated that successful applicants will be assigned a supervisor as they resumed work. You would need to find this out and be in contact with your supervisor for a monthly appraisal.


The Npower Batch C PPA deployment letter is out already. So all applicants need to check and print them out.

The Programme physical verification is slated for the on the stated period above, as such all beneficiaries need to have their deployment letter for verification. Getting this letter is straightforward as outline above.

If you want to download or view your deployment letter then follow the simple steps as stated above. You would be done in no time.

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