Npower Biometric enrollment|capture your finger print

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Npower Biometric enrollment|capture your finger print

Are you aware that Npower has begun to shortlist names of the applicants that passed the test that was previously taken?

You might have just received your congratulatory message from them for being successful.

But if you are yet to get this you can quickly view yours on the dashboard

To access this you would have to sign in with your details like your password and email. As you log in, you should tap on the verification tab to get this successful message.

If you are successful then you need to go ahead to do your biometric enrollment right there on your dashboard.Npower Biometric enrollment

But if you haven’t gotten the success message or see you have not been shortlisted for the verification stage, you just have to check back later.

You just have to be hopeful and check out in the coming days, more names are still yet to be published.

transaction failed message


But if you get a transaction failed message, this should be a network issue you need to keep on trying, maybe try it at night with there will be less network congestion.

If those two discussed above don’t work then you can use a VPN, try opening the site with a VPN.

The fact is that at this time, thousands of people are already on the site trying to get their fingerprint captured or carrying out the biometric enrollment,

so apparently, the system will be very slow. But the truth is; the best time to get it done easily is at night because of low traffic then. Then if you are successful go ahead with the biometric enrollment.

How to do Npower biometric enrollment

  1. So how do you begin this Npower biometric enrollment, you need to first download the software using your laptop or your computer.
  2. Click on the capture your fingerprint which is near the fingerprint icon.
  3. You can get to the new page NASIMS BIOMETRIC client and the following information will appear (http//nasimbiometric.blob.core.windc.
  4. you can now click on install to install the NASIMS Npower biometrics application on your computer.
  5. So when you have done the installation, you can go ahead to click on launch to begin the application.
  6. You can then follow the onscreen instructions to capture your fingerprint and complete your verification biometric data.

You cannot as well do it with your phone provided it has the fingerprint scanner feature or the fingerprint sensor, it can’t still get the Biometric software installed because it’s meant for system or computer only.

So on your computer to capture your finger, you need to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor that is on your computer or Biometric scanner . Then you will see the capture your finger button, you should click on it on your screen


Here you have the simple process of capturing your finger print for Npower 2021. This is the next process that needs to be carried out when once you are shortlisted for the Npower test that has just been concluded.

So if you yet to do this, then go to the site and login into your dashboard.

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