NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016-2017 Batch A & B Beneficiaries

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NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016-2017 Batch A & B Beneficiaries – See Latest News

The federal Government (FG) with it commitment to tackle extreme poverty has instructed the Central bank to come up with an Npower Exit Plan for all beneficiaries who have been disengaged or are to be disengage from the N-Power programme.

If you fall into any of these categories or group then its time to quickly embrace NEXIT, remember that only those who successfully registered or enrolled for NEXIT will be given the opportunity to transit.

Cbn Nexit for 2016 beneficiaries

Npower Exit Packages for 2016 and 2017 Beneficiaries

On record there are about 500,000 beneficiaries, 300,000 are from Batch B while 200,00 are from Batch A.

Remembering that Npower programme cuts across almost all sector of the economy from Agriculture, Health, Education, and Tax, beneficiaries that transit successfully are expected to impact positively to the economic growth of Nigerian economy.

The federal Government is going to leverage on the those in the educational sector (Npower teach) employ a large percentage as teachers through the federal government teachers scheme.

While some of the beneficiaries will be absorb into other sectors of the CBN social programme which has an objective to empower them with various skills that will see them become employer of labour.

Npower NEXIT Portal Login Link

NEXIT portal direct link for registration and recruitment is
You just have to access the link, and follow the instructions on registration which is self explanatory. If you run into any problem please refer to us via the comment form.

NEXIT portal brings closure to N-Power Batch A, B,

The ministry of Humanitarian Affairs was established by the president in the 3rd quarter of 2019 with a clear vision and mandate that involves making Humanitarian policies and also be at helm of the directing and controlling National and International Humanitarian interventions.

The present Government has placed all social investment programmes under the watch of the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

Recall that the president establishment the NSIP known as National social investment programme in 2016 which seeks to reduce hunger and also lead the role in the fight against poverty in Nigeria.

NPower is a programme under NSIP which has about 500,000 Nigerians under it social programmes comprising of two Batches – Batch A and B. With the share size of the beneficiaries this made Npower the most interesting and also popular among Nigerians.

Here is Nexit for you

The Npower programme has its own problems that arise to late payment issues and recently how to disengage the beneficiaries who has been in the programme for over 2 years and more.

From the beginning of the programme, the Government never saw any need to have a clear exit plan for beneficiaries who has already seen the programme as a continuous stream of income given the hash economic they find themselves.

They reject and resisted any plan by the Government to kick them out even when the Government has not committed any offence and still act under the terms and conditions of the programme which was designed to last for just 24 months.

By now the Government are beginning to acknowledge their errors of not designing a perfect exit plans, the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs came under contact attack on social media.

They have no option than to quickly collaborate with the Apex Bank, CBN to come up with the N-power Exit (NEXIT).

With NEXIT now on board, beneficiaries will now have to key into CBN empowerment and entrepreneurship programme.

To get started with the NEXIT, Npower beneficiaries has to log onto the NEXIT portal made available by CBN, provide the necessary personal information needed for CBN to identify and accept them for possible placement into it social skill acquisition programme.

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  1. Good day!
    Many N-Power beneficiaries find it difficult to successfully sign up on the Nexit portal, when they signed up , they are shown that their emails are INVALID . Hope this will be rectified.

  2. There are number of beneficiaries who find it difficult to get access and register into the NEXIT portal due their email blocks. As the old email they have registered for N-power program has been suspended or blocked. We are requesting the N-power team and support to bring solution to this problems.

  3. The site is not working properly….one can’t receive a verification email to activate his account….this has been going on since the beginning of the nexit program..

  4. Good day Sir/Ma, I have a challenge with the correct spelling of my Email on my Npower profile which is making not to be able to register for the Nexit program.pls how can I correct it to I can be registered.i will be great full if you can help.

  5. Chikezie Chinenye Elizabeth

    Good dad sir/ma.
    I am yet to receive confirmation mail from Nexit. I fill in 3 days ago. Please what next should be do? Thanks

  6. Good day sir/ma, have a challenge with the correct spelling of my email on my N power profile and I am not happy about it Please help me on it.

  7. Abdulsalam Yunusa

    please urgent response need to be done on the portal, many of the beneficiaries email both 2016 and 2017 they all have issue with the registered mail and the verification email is not working at all, lastly a platform should be created for those that have issues with their email and way to correct it please. thank you

  8. Emere Jacinta Ngozichukwu

    I have filled the form, but can not receive a verification email to activate my account.
    Please I need help on this.

  9. I have registered fully to the nexit portel created for the batch a and b beneficiaries and look forward for a viable response. Hence, l still plead for better reward for the two batches by offering us permanent work that will keep us going. Thanks and God bless.

  10. onyeogani dinma franca

    Good sir. my name is ONYEOGANI DINMA FRANCA I made
    mistake for my email address so I was unable to register for Nexit program please how can I corredt it to get the right email

  11. onyeogani dinma franca

    Dear sir .My name is ONYEOGANI DINMA FRANCA Batch B sir please I make a mistake in my email so I was unable to register for Nexit program sir I will be greatiful if you help me so that I can register thanks

  12. Good morning all mine is still having same issue ooo I filled mine since 2 weeks be now but have not received any mail yet

  13. Yahaya Alabi Salami

    Good afternoon,The site is not working properly….one can’t receive a verification email to activate his account….this has been going on since the beginning of the nexit program..

  14. obadiah kpari usman

    Please “ma”due to the lost of my SIM card which I registered n-power with, I tried my best to do welcom back I could’nt finish it on time.this make me not to register for my N-exit plan but i am still in process this is my e-mail.

  15. Miemie Donald Eduvie

    Go to gmail and register wit that name, gmail will accept it, then when you go to apply via next portal you can click on forget password and change the password to anyone you can remember, I wish you good luck…


    I Havn’t See Anything About N-power Batch C Upto Now! Please Why Government? By Salihu Adamu Manga.Help Me Call Me Inlight Me :08165961844.

  17. Naku-fubara ruth kabor

    Good day sir/ma, please I have done my registration since last year, no email yet so th
    at I write my own test please…….! Thanks.

  18. Bam Iordye Paschal

    It’s worths appreciating. What about someone who was not able to register, and those who registered but did not receive confirmation?

  19. Usman Habibat

    I registered no message on my email. Please help me is’t possible if I can change my email address

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