Npower physical verification Date ; requirements 2023

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All you need to know about Npower physical verification Date & requirements  closing date & Venue |

Npower physical verification

The employment for the Npower Batch C beneficiaries is ongoing. The stage right now is the physical verification stage whereby only successful beneficiaries would be screened and authenticated for the program.

The whole essence of the verification exercise is to ascertain that information that applicants inputted during the application stage are all valid.

The total numbers of beneficiaries that are scheduled for this exercise is about 1 million people. But this physical verification would be done in streams and batches.

This will enable the process to be less cumbersome and well organized for both the applicants and the Npower team. For now the physical verification exercise isn’t for all beneficiaries.Npower PPA

It is strictly for those that have gotten their invitation letter. So if you have been shortlisted for the final process of the recruitment then you should be in your designated venue for the exercise.

If you are one of the successful candidates then you need to present yourself on the 10th of September for a physical verification to commence work.

You don’t have to be misinformed this is why this piece has been put together for you.

You would be furnished with the accurate information about the date, venue, closing date and requirement you would be need for your physical verification. Check all the information below.

Start date for the physical verification


All beneficiaries of the Npower Batch B employment are to present self for physical verification which is starting on the

The day is Friday and you would need to report to a designated physical verification center

Documents required for the physical verification

If you have been successfully deployed you would be undergoing a physical verification screening. The different screenings are:

Educational verification screening: this screening will be to check your documents to be sure you have all that is needed and that they are original too

Age verification screening: this one will be to certify that you are within the age bracket as needed by the scheme

Employment verification screening: this verification is to ascertain that you are not working with any other organization. The program is mainly for unemployed youths.

NYSC verification screening: this is to verify beneficiaries NYSC certificate to be sure it is original

So the documents that are needed for the following verifications are as listed below. All applicants are to go along with them to their different screening centers. The documents are:

  • Educational certificates: degree certificate, NYSC discharge certificate for the graduates
  • Certificate of state of origin
  • Passport photograph
  • Print-out of BVN details
  • Npower deployment letter printout with the reference number
  • A valid identity card

The venue for physical verification

If you are yet to know your address for your physical verification, then you just need to check the official portal. Head to you would see your venue displayed under the verification tab.

But peradventure, you can’t find yours then you can go through the manual route by dialing the dedicated code service, use the USSD code by dialing *45665# to get your address.

When once you get your address you would need to proceed to the center for your physical verification exercise.

If you have any queries or complaints you would be best given the right solution by the Npower tem. So find your way to your center to lay your issues with them for a better result.

After the physical verification stage

When you are done with your physical verification you would need to commence work at your PPA ( Place of primary Assignment) you need to check the NASIMS portal again for where you have been posted to start work.

You would then to print out your PPA letter and have it signed by the PPA personnel that was assigned to you at your place of primary assignment.

When done return to your NASIMS PORTAL at and upload your signed PPA letter. This is to ascertain that you have resumed at your Place of primary assignment and you are done


The physical verification exercise is one of the stages of the recruitment exercise for the Batch C Npower programme. All successful candidates for this batch are expected to go through this exercise on the scheduled date.

This is the day where all selected candidates will have to present themselves for the verification purposes. This is when all the documents used for the program will be physically assessed to be sure they are real and authentic,

The closing date for the verification exercise is yet to be announced though it will be carried out in batches.

But it looks like it would be done out for some days. This page will be updated with the information as soon as possible if any.

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