Npower Survey 2024 | Fill Npower Survey Form Successfully-Npower transit

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Npower Survey  | How to Fill Npower Survey Form Successfully-Npower transit|n-power login & Guide

Npower is no longer a new term in Nigeria because many qualified and eligible youths have benefitted from it. But do you know of the Npower survey? Do you know what it entails and how to fill the NPower survey form?

If your answer is no, then this article is strictly written for you as we are set to discuss everything you should know about the Npower survey, including where to get it and how to fill it.

What Is Npower Survey


Npower survey is an exercise conducted by the Npower team to receive feedback from beneficiaries. This is introduced into the Npower program to provide organizers with important clues on where to improve on.

Npower survey

It was also created as a template where beneficiaries can document their queries and complaints before sending them to the officials in charge of the financial aid program.

If you have benefitted from the program in the previous year, you will be sent an SMS by the officials in charge, asking you to share your thoughts and experience. The SMS contains where you can get the Npower survey form, how to fill the form, and where to submit it.

Npower Survey Form Portal

Survey form

This is the website or page where beneficiaries who are willing to share their thoughts on the program can get the survey form. To access the Npower survey form, you are to click on the link below:

How To Fill The Npower Survey Form

  • You should visit the portal discussed above.
  • Login by providing your registered phone number- as a username- and BVN – as password – in their respective columns.
  • Fill the form with accurate answers to all the questions asked. Note that every question with an asterisk mark is compulsory.
  • Submit the form.

Npower Transition Survey

Having discussed the Npower survey form, we believe there is a need to also discuss the N-power TRANSITION Survey.

The transition survey is slightly different from the ‘ordinary’ Npower survey. You are to register for the Npower transition survey to boost your chances of being placed in a segment that fit your skills and craft.

In another word, the N-power Transition Survey form should be filled so that organizers will be able to know your skills and placed you in a segment where you can fully maximize your potentials.

Three Reasons Why You Must Register For The N-power Transition Survey

Registering for the power transition survey gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Become a verified SANEF (Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility) Agent who is entitled to N50K to begin your entrepreneurship career.
  2. Access to more than N100K GEEP loan to boost your small-scale business.
  3. Become a teacher in secondary or primary school, depending on your qualifications.
  4. It allows you to develop your farm products as you would gain access to a loan.
  5. It brightens your chances of being hired as an Agent for banks and other research companies.

How to register for NPower Transition Survey?

To participate in 2022 , you are to carry out the following procedures:

  • Visit the NVPN Npower transition survey portal @
  • Type your email and phone number in the required column.
  • Fill and submit the form. You will receive a message from the organizers to know if your registration is successful.

How to Fill the Npower Transition Survey Form

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to fill the Npower transition survey form.

  1. Visit the portal at
  2. Login by providing your email and number
  3. Click on the test tab to continue.
  4. Provide the right answers to questions you will be asked.
  5. Submit It. You will hear from the officials in charge through email or your phone number.
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