Npower Teach 2023/2024 registration

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Npower Teach  registration portal|Volunteers|how to APPLY

Join Npower Teach  Recruitment for Nigerians Portal

Npower Teach Recruitment is here again : Yes! We know that N-Power Teach Registration enquiry brought you to this page. This article is specifically for what interests you, please read to the last let’s explore and give you latest update.

NPower is a Social Investment Programmes piloted by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development. It was first lunched in 2016 to help tackle the challenges posed by lack of Jobs among the youth.

Npower teach registration

N-Power social investment programme targets not only the Graduates but Non Graduate and its subdivision. The Graduate arm of the programme is subdivided into N-Power health, N-Power Agro, N-Power Teach and N-Power Tax. This article will cover all aspect of N-Power Teach.

N-power Teach registration 2023/2024


N-Power Teach can also be refer to as N-Teach which also falls in line with the federal Government social investment programme. As the name implies,

N-power Teach has one main objective which is to carry out massive recruitment similar to the federal Government teaching programme. This teachers are to be well Trained before they will be deployed to schools in dire need of supports staff.

From the above, we could see that Npower teach is designed and reserved for those who have passion and possibly existing skills to impact knowledge into students in class rooms.

Npower Teach Educational requirements

  • Polytechnic Degree: are you a Graduate of a well recognised polytechnic with either OND or HND degree? If yes then you stand a chance of working with N-Power Teach.
  • University Degree: are you a Graduate of a well recognised university with BSc degree? If yes then you stand a chance of working with N-Power Teach.

Areas of interest:

This are the areas where teachers are highly appreciated in the programme:

  1. Project Supervisor
  2. Professional Teaching
  3. Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Analyst
  4. Strategy Consultant
  5. Project Manager
  6. Education Services Manager
  7. Social services analyst

See N-Teach Job Duration:

N-Power Teach operates on the same level with other categories of the N-Power programme. The duration given to all beneficiaries is just 2 years before another Batch will be deployed to take over from the ones due for retirement

N-Teach: how to apply for the Online Application:

Npower teach portal

You only need to take your time and log on to NPower Teach Portal:

Get to understand the overview as relates to the selection preference,get to understand all the requirements as listed on the portal, most especially the terms and conditions before applying.

Click on “Apply” link

The system takes you to where you create your personal N-Power profile. Remember to use an email that can be access anytime.

Fill application form and submit.

Now that you have submitted your application, the N-Power Teach recruitment team will go through your application form, if they are satisfied with it they are going to get it approved.

Once your profile and registration is approved, you will be shortlisted and from time to time you will have to be visiting and also login with your credentials and if all your details are accepted by the portal setup you will be granted access to this page to set up your account profile page.

N-Power: see how many Nigerians applied for Npower

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development handles all aspects of Npower programme.

Information reaching us has it that over 1 million applicants applied within the first 48 hours after the portal was opened for the 2020 N-Power registration. On the 5th day about 4.8 has signed up for the programme.

this point to the fact that a lot or larger percentage of our active labour force are in dire need of Job.

The Honourable minister says the Government is willing to absorb just 400,000 applicant as captured in the budget.

General benefits of the program

The federal Government through NPower programme will deploy thousands of teachers to our primary and secondary schools nation wide.

The programme will help fill the vacuum that exist in our overstretched workforce in public schools and help relief the burden of existing teachers.

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