Npower Transition Registration Portal 2023 form|NPVN

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Npower Transition Registration Portal  form|closing date |NPVN How to participate in Npower Transition

NPVN Transition Registration Portal 2023/2024- The Npower Transition online registration is here for all disengaged Npower beneficiaries.

If you are a beneficiaries of the Npower programme is time you register or apply for this package. the transition portal is open for all to apply and register. Hence we are going to give you NPVN transition updates

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Has promised to engage interested MDAs and also explore other options both in private sectors to enable disengaged beneficiaries transit to other areas of interest of their choice.

Npower transition

Npower Transition and NPVN Transition Registration|what’s all about?


Npower Transition is a Package that will help disengaged Npower beneficiaries transit to the next empowerment stage after being relieved or disengaged by Npower.

Npower Transition programme is same as NEXIT where each beneficiaries have to signup, select a path for the next programme so as to receive additional training, funds for the next phase of life.

See you can register for Npower Transition | NPVN Transition Online Registration  procedures

First you need to login to your NPVN Dashboard. this could be done by using the right details/ credentials ; if signed in, your transition page will come up.

Should incase you can not access this feature from your dashboard don’t panic, just wait for npower update on when the portal shall be activated or the right link to access it easily from your end .

Here is the working link of npower transition, CLICK ON THE LINK, you now have to select the preferred npvn transition path bases on your choice

What is Npower Transition Registration?

Npower Transition a is portal that helps existing npower beneficiaries to transit. You can find this Npower Transition page when you log into your Npower dashboard.

When logged into your N-Power Volunteer Network Dashboard , you can now select or chose the path that fits your passion and existing skills so as to gain more knowledge on such programmes which will help increase your employability.

What is Npower Transition Survey?

You don’t have to panic about the Npower survey of a thing because Npower team from the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has affirms that this is not going to interfere when you decide to transit.

The survey form is created to help understand the mindset of beneficiaries. It helps better understand where they will like to be fix in the programme.

Npower Transition Registration Portal  Contents

  • Beneficiaries can chose to be a SANEF AGENT
  • Another option is for them to choose GEEP LOAN of 100,000 for business startup
  • They can also Become a Teacher if they choose to be.
  • Start a farm/Expand your farm
  • Beneficiaries could Become a field Data Agent if they so desire
  • Lastly there is an option to Become a community policeman or policewoman.

How to Edit Your Login Profile

  1. Here is what to do, open this portal
  2. Click on ‘My Profile’ link
  3. Locate a submenu with caption ‘Personal Information’ and ‘Bank Information’. You could pick any of them and click based on what you intend to update.
  4. Things you can update is your bank account number, your full names , other personal information etc.
  5. Remember to click ‘Update Account’ when you are through, this will enables the system save your work.

Benefits of N-Power/NPVN Transition Registration

Npower transition form

  • The first option is to be a SANEF Agent (this means Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility): you only need just 50,000 Naira to kick start.
  • Do you have passion to run a business of your choice? There is GEEP Loan of 100,000 Naira for you
  • An an existing Npower Teacher you could be absorbed into teaching Jobs on a permanent basis as long as you possess the relevant qualifications.
  • Start a Farm / Expand your Farm, the Government will encourage you with various loan options.
  • Become a Field / Data Agent.
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