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We built TalentBase because we believe you should focus on what’s important, running searching for that best investment and business tips and also available job out there .

We want to help automate the process by helping you with useful information and also search for the best job description that fits you and alert you through your mail

What we do

As a team of professionals, We help you with useful information that will help, guide you through your career ladder and business in no distance time.

Do we accept payment for our informational services?

We won’t tell you to pay any money, all information here is for educational purposes only and they can be accessed by anyone who choses to free of charge.

We don’t have any bank account number display anywhere on this platform as such we won’t ask you for money

How popular is talentbase

We remain a trusted and reliable source of information as regards career, employment, payroll management and lots more.

Want to know more?
As an expert in HR and recruitment field , my advice and story has been featured in many online publications and podcasts, including:







Techpoint Africa





We have been featured in numerous and popular websites including

Crunchbase, Glassdoor, Craft, Medium, Facebook, the Guardian,Twitter and lots more

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