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This is to announce to all Applicants who opted in for the  Nigerian Navy Recruitment that the Shortlisted Candidates Names have been released and can now be downloaded online.

The list contains names of candidates who have successfully been shortlisted for the physical aptitude/screening. Any applicant who finds his or her name on this list can go ahead to the next step which is the Aptitude test.

The Nigerian Navy calls on all registered candidates to hurry and check the list if they have been offered a seat for the Screening test. If you find your name among the Shortlisted Candidates, do not believe you have been successfully recruited into the Navy yet.

Nigerian navy shortlisted

What are you still waiting for? Let us show you how to get and check the shortlisted candidates list. It is not something that will take you too much of your time.

Is the  Shortlisted Candidates Names out?


Yes, the shortlisted candidates names have been released by the Nigerian Navy. Although, the list was released in different batches, but we have compiled them all together so you can view it easily.

The list will be made available at the end of this article. All you need to do is to check the names one after the order and see if your name is there. To make it easier, the names have been ordered alphabetically so you can find your name without stress.

Nigerian Navy shortlisted list HERE

What is the next thing to do if I find my name on the Shortlisted Candidates list?

Congratulations if you have seen your name on the shortlisted candidates list. So, your question now is what you should do after seeing your name on the list. I will reveal it to you here.

The Nigerian Army disclosed that all successful candidates are to report to their chosen exam centres for the aptitude test. The date and time of the aptitude test will be disclosed later in this article. Do not skip it.

When is the Nigerian Navy Aptitude Test?

The screening test for all successful candidates has been scheduled for Saturday, December, . This Screening will hold on a single day, so if you miss it, then forget about your recruitment into the Nigerian Navy.

There will not be a second chance for anyone who misses the examination on the stipulated date. Therefore, you are advised to stick to your examination date.

Also, the stated time for candidates to report at the screening venue is 7:00 AM. The Nigerian Navy considers late coming as a form of indiscipline and such will not be tolerated in the army. So, do not try to come late or use African Time.

Where will the  Nigerian Navy Screening hold?

There is no particular centre for the aptitude test for the shortlisted candidates. Candidates should recall that during their Application for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment, they chose a particular centre for the screening.

That centre that has been chosen is where they will partake in the aptitude test. Note that the centre cannot be changed anymore after Application has been submitted.

Will the Aptitude Test be written or a Computer Based Test?

Many people believe CBT is not enough to test the knowledge and capability of people. So, it has been decided that the Screening test will be in written form and also on CBT. Therefore, candidates are advised to prepare very well for the screening.

You should also be aware that seeing your name among the Shortlisted Candidates, is not an assurance that you are now a recruit. There are still thousands of applicants in your level and only few will be recruited at the end of the day.

Shortlisted navy recruitment

Guidelines for the  Nigerian Navy Screening

Every successful candidate who has found his or her name in the List and is ready to go for the aptitude must follow the guidelines which have been laid down. They include;

  • Candidate must make a print out of the Nigerian Navy application form showing his or her particulars. This form must be brought along to the chosen screening centre.
  • He or she must come to the screening venue with one coloured passport photograph. If you do not come with this, then you will not be allowed to partake in the screening process.
  • Candidate must put on a nose mask. This is a directive from the Federal Government to help contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The candidate must come along with writing materials. The required writing materials include; a 2B pencil, a Pen and an eraser.

For more information, you can visit the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal here

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