My take on the Eko Fashion Cluster Shared Facility

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My take on the Eko Fashion Cluster Shared Facility

You must have heard about the Eko Fashion Hub 1, which is a fashion cluster shared facility for tailors in Lagos, Nigeria.

If you are a tailor or you are in to fabric, it’s time to key into this Cluster Shared Facility as you are going to benefit from this.

Eko Fashion Hub 1 what’s all about?


Eko Fashion Hub 1 is a shared facility specially designed for Tailors in Lagos. The Facilities is equipped with first-rate machines and equipment that will ensure steady production of already made cloths that meets international standards.

What Eko Fashion Hub 1 got to offer?

It’s been estimated that when the Eko Fashion Hub 1 attain it full scale of production, the Hub will make a diverse range of garments and clothing which include the following:

office wear, wedding dresses, similar products, military uniforms etc.
The aim here is to ensure steady supply of clothing lines of products to stores across the country and also outside Nigerian thereby helping increase the revenue of government from non oil sector.

Eko Fashion Hub 1 is equipped with state of the art machine:

Eko Fashion Hub 1 is a first of its kind with over 161 assorted kinds of sewing machines

There are about 74 industrial straight sewing machines that will serve different purposes, there is also four monogramming machines that will help Tailors brand their end product etc,there are about Tinko and Coil machines, Eko Fashion Hub 1 is also equipped with 10 industrial steam pressing irons that are of higher standard,hemming and industrial weaving machines, eight industrial button-hole and five industrial button tacking machines etc.

Will power supply be a problem?

We all know that power is a major problem in this part of the world. Nigeria epileptic power has crippled so many businesses.

The Eko Fashion Hub 1 is equipped with a 100kva standby generator and also with a 2kva solar power system that might serve as an alternative solution to power supply.

Its being said that this facility will service 380 MSMEs daily, and 136,800 yearly which in no doubt will have tremendous impact on the economy.

The federal Government had to partner with the Lagos state Government to make Eko Fashion Hub 1. Not only that Organised Private Sector was also brought to key into the project.

My take on the Eko Fashion Cluster Shared Facility

We must understand that small and medium sized enterprises are amongst the lifeline of any modern economy like Nigeria.
The Government has realised this and are likely to increase its funding that will help sustain the life and inturn help to preserve millions of jobs directly or indirectly connected to it.

The federal government must do everything within its power to help create the enabling environment that will be conducive enough for small scale business to thrive.

The issue of kidnapping, banditry and other forms of insecurity must be tackle by the government. No business will like to settle in an environment that poses danger to its workers and its facilities.

Recall that the federal government said that there is N50,000 grant for 100,000 small and medium businesses? The Survival Fund proposed by the Government must be distributed to the right business owners who need them and not politicians and their cronies.

On the issue of free business name registration, that is not enough, we must identify those factors that kill small businesses at early stages like multiple taxation, high cost of acquiring raw materials, high cost of transportation of finish goods. These factors must be minimise.

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