Power of automated payroll : here is how it helps improves engagement in workplace

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Power of automated payroll : here is how it helps improves engagement in workplace

Technology is now making a ground breaking impact in all sectors of the Nigerian economy and finance is not left out. financial task of calculating wages of employees are now left in the hand of computer to help decides what a worker or an employee are rewarded at end of a given month or day.

There are lots of HR software now available for a small fee, it’s now easier to solve numerous problems with these software that would have been under the supervision of human.

Here are some of the reasons why we think your company needs to have it HR software to help improve engagement between staffs and management of a an enterprise.

Payroll Tech Does Gives Easy flow of Access to their Employees Details timely:


Information of employees like their names, dates of employment, family that depend on them makes up data that are in payrolls, with this information issues can be sorted out on a timely basis,like on the case of Tax where the company can easily calculate what is right to be paid to government on behalf of its employees .

There is an Ease Of Making Payment Inquiries and also Request:

Payroll system keeps tracks of every money deducted from employees monthly wages like remittance of money to PENCOM, payment of tax etc. With an up to date record on how transaction went, employee won’t waste any time getting to know all these details because all details are contained on the payroll portal for easy accessibility rather than sending emails, calls to management to get a detailed answer.

Company Document Library:

payroll portal contains useful document about the company like policies that has to do with employment and contracts with every employee under it payroll system.
In most cases it contains provisions for healthcare. Employees can educate themselves on these key areas that made up the organisation.

There is More Comprehensive Payslips:

In time past when payslips used to be printed in the form of paper documents. In the process of saving resources business owners tried to maintain a simple payslip hence certain items don’t get documented ; if an employee wants to get full details they send request to the financial board.

Now with a payroll portal everything is well documented in a comprehensive way, no one get confuse and management is always at rest from numerous emails of request as regarding a financial statement.

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