TruexGold one spot to trade Bitcoin in Nigeria:why we choose them

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Hello all Nigerian traders, investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in anything that relates with cryptocurrency, here is a guide that will explain the steps to buy and sell your coins on an excellent platform called

Cryptocurrency is seen by many, mostly by the youth as the future of online currency . Event of the day is proving this to be truth, most companies,online and tech firms are now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method.

As it stands now, We are heading to a time by which almost all online transaction will be done via Bitcoin as the world embrace cryptocurrency. Nigeria is not left out from this trend.

So how do you get started and join the que and moving trend? Just simply open an account just like you would do in a commercial bank although this time around with less verification and rigorous process. With just less than 3 minutes you can have your own crypto account and wallet address, pay and buy goods and services online.

We are more interested in how to fund your Bitcoin account or how to sell your Bitcoin funds right from the comfort of your home. You are still going to learn the process on how to Trade Cryptocurrency using a particular platform that promises you a seamlessly trading experience

brief Introduction to Bitcoin.


Bitcoin has been around for quite some time now, we can trace it existence from 2009 but ever since then, BTC has been gaining more and more popularity than ever, most Nigerians are now embracing this new form of currency by the day.

Our main focus is Bitcoin although there are many coins that are popping out on daily basis but the universal acceptable coin is Bitcoin as its the most widely traded coins as at now

Trading Bitcoin in Nigeria

When Bitcoin came into existence at the inception is was not acceptable by all, it value was less than 1 dollar. Those who took the opportunity not minding the outcome had to invest big portion of their funds into it and after years later they made big and huge returns on their investment.

Had it been as a Nigerian you are fortunate to purchase just one Bitcoin then, going by its exchange rate, it will be selling for 4 million now. Just imagine the gain and return on your investment.

One must agree that we didn’t see the bigger picture so we failed to seize the opportunity but right now a bigger opportunity is knocking at the door and it’s time for us to make that move so as to cash out , have huge returns on our investment.

This article is not all about buying cryptocurrency and leaving it there to appreciate but rather Crypto Trade/Exchange. It’s really promising and I wouldn’t like you to miss this rare opportunity of buying when it’s low and selling when it’s high.


You must have heard about other platforms where you can trade Bitcoin on, but today we bring to your doorstep

We are recommending because they are trusted and reliable and here are the reasons we are giving below:

  • Fast Execution: promise to give you a semi-automated mode that will allow you perform your seamlessly and within just 5 minutes. There will be nothing like waiting time
  • No hidden fee: when buying or selling the system will determine the price for you and that price remains so. You won’t be asked to make any future payments again.
  • Low rate : their rates aren’t that high but is something the average Nigerian can afford. Although the rate is highly influenced by the actual value and price of Bitcoin in the open market but their service fee are kept in a lowest level possible.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

Here are some steps to take so as to start buying and selling on TruexGold platforms.

Just open an account here ( first

Site opens, tap the Menu bar, locate the sign up

Click on sign up

A box will appear where you are to enter your personal information.
Fill all field accordingly and accurately.

If your registration is successful, then navigate to your profile and update it

You will be asked to Verify your account with your identity card like internal passport etc.

Simple steps to buy Bitcoin on

You will get the Exchange Tab, click on it.

Navigate to the NGN page and click on BTC

ON the BTC section, enter any amount you want to buy from the platform.
You also need your BTC wallet address so that this coins are sent there, so now type or paste your address

See to it that all details are correct, click on exchange to finally transact.

Click on Create order.

You need to transfer money to their (TruexGold) account from your Nigerian account or commercial bank

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