Buhari Young Farmers Network Recruitment 2024/2025 FG (NALDA Recruitment)

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Buhari Young Farmers Network Recruitment  FG (NALDA Recruitment)Registration form/website

In a move to help boost agricultural overall output, food production and ensure that Nigeria is self sufficient in food production and the same time reduce the country’s over dependants on oil revenue;

the younger population that made up a larger percentage of the population needed to be encouraged and empowered to embrace Agriculture.

Buhari Young Farmers Network Registration  Form


The President recently launched the National Young Farmers Scheme which is an agricultural programme aim at helping farmers with funds, this programme is under the National Agricultural Land Development Authority.

Buhari Young farmers network

The programme will seek to strengthened and enhanced the capacity of already existing smallholder farmers in a bid to end hunger and also promote sustainability in agricultural output.

How does Buhari Young farmers network work?

  1. The programme in its first batch recruitment will empower about 100 Nigerians in its first phase. There is also a plan to increase the number of beneficiaries from the initial 100 to 2000 per local Government area through out Nigeria.
  2. Organisers of this programme will target graduate who share the same vision of going into commercial agriculture with the government
  3. Applicant who are interested have to meet the requirements of the Young Farmers Network, go through the terms and conditions before signing up on the recruitment portal.

Key notes on Young Farmers Network:

Nelda application form

The Buhari Young Farmers Scheme is a programme that targets on a minimum of 100 Nigerians from each local Government, they will be empowered to meet the needs and demand of the Federal government.

Buhari Young Farmers Scheme main aims is to financially empower 1000 Nigerian young farmers from each of our 774 Local Government Areas.

Buhari Young Farmers Scheme is under the control of the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA).

Requirements for Buhari Young Farmers

  • Nationality: young farmers applicant must be Nigerians.
  • Education: the minimum education certificate to present is OND and other related qualifications
  • Skills: Computer skills are desired, goal-oriented
  • Must be dependable and punctual
  • applicant Must be ready to respect and maintain the confidentiality of the organization
  • Valid means of identification (ID card)

How do I apply for Buhari young farmers

Apply for young farmers


Log in to the registration page here: https://nalda.ng/buhari-young-farmers-network-2/

  • Personal information : You will now need to enter your personal information like your First Name, Surname and Other names.
  • Use a valid email address to sign up.In the space provided for you to input phone number, type your phone number.
  • Select your Gender (Male or Female)Declare if your are married or single. Next you state where you are from Your Residential address where you currently lived should also be filed in form.
  • Educational qualifications: if you are a graduate or an O level holders you are going to tell the federal.
  • Then choose your Area of Enterprise (Crop Production, Animal Rearing,Poultry Production, Fish Production). Upload a Passport photograph of yours (jpg only and should be 180kb at most).

Submit your Details.

More on Young Farmers Network Recruitment

Achieving food self sufficiency is necessary for any economy’s wellbeing, because without it meeting the consumption needs of the population will not be actualize without importing or buying from the international market which diminishes National reserves.

To achieve food self sufficiently quickly in a country like Nigeria where most farmers lack the industrial capacity to carry out mechanise farming, the youth must be involved because they makes up a sizeable portion of the active labour force

In a nutshell, when the Young Farmers Network is fully launched and running it is capable of:

  • Growing agricultural output and industry in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria will be able to save foreign exchange because there will be no need to import large quantities of food
  • There will be food self-sufficiency
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