How many days does it take for JAMB’s change of institution to reflect?

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Most times, candidates would see the update about their change of institutions within 24 hours of making the change. However, in some instances, candidates that make changes to their institutions would likely see the change within a few days.

However, if you try to apply to institutions that no longer accept candidates, you would likely get instant notification that such an institution no longer receives candidates.

Once you change your institution on the Jamb portal successfully, rest assured that changes would be reflected, but, you may need to wait for Jamb to update their database before you can see the changes in effect, and the update may happen within hours days, or weeks of the changes.Can I do jamb Regularization Twice

Sometimes, the delay is usually as a result of the updates from the new institution you choose. If you choose an institution that is waiting to update its database, you may experience a delay in your status update. However, the changes should happen within 24 hours to a few days.

Why is my change of institution not reflected on the JAMB portal?


If you still can’t find the new institution that you signed up for e.e make changes to, even after weeks or months of registering or making changes, it means that JAMB is yet to update its database. You have to exercise patience for the board to update its database.

You may also discover that you did not receive an email notifying you about the new changes. You may exercise some patience or send messages to their support via the emails and phone numbers on the platform.

They would provide you with information about the probable reasons for the delay in notification. However, it is not a strange occurrence due to the pressure on their portal during registration periods.

Also your school might not have updated it from their end.

How many times can I change my institution in JAMB?

According to the information given by the head of public relations at JAMB; Fabian Benjamin, The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB only permits candidates to change their institutions of choice only twice within any registration period.

These changes include changes to candidate registration data submitted during registration. However, he pointed out that it would be a grave mistake for any candidate who dares to go through a shady path to make changes to their data on the board’s database because it could cause a disparity in information which may raise issues for the candidate down the line.

JAMB also advised students to desist from unaccredited centers to avoid partial or unrecognized applications. He also pointed out that some candidates are fond of going to cybercafes to change their data only to discover that their changes were void.

JAMB only permits accredited centers to change candidates’ data on their databases. Using an unrecognized agent might only lead to void registration.

He acknowledged that some centers charged service fees, which is normal since they have to keep their facilities and resources running. However, it is important to use registration centers designated by JAMB.

How do I know if the JAMB change of institution has been reflected?

To confirm if your change of institution has been effected on the JAMB database, you would need to visit and log in with your JAMB details. After that, click on the admission status option and click on assess my caps. Once you log in, scroll through the page until you find the tabs that list your choices.

However, if you want to check for a change of courses, follow the same procedure. You may need to wait for some days before the change reflects in your status indications.

Some institutions may take as many as weeks before they update their database. It is because they will wait for all changes that students wish to affect to their data so that all updates would be done at once.

There is no need to panic about the delay. Institutions of your choice will allow you to register for their post UTME if your name is not yet there on their database.

However, ensure that you perfect your registration to avoid falling into an illusion thinking you are registered in the institution’s database whereas you are not.

IN other words, if you doubt that you submitted appropriately, reach out to the institution or Jamb to find out if everything is done. It would help you prevent errors and mistakes in the long run.

How to know if your change of institution was successful

To check for your change of institution status, follow the procedure outlined above, visit,

and log in using your Jamb credentials. Navigate to log in with your JAMB details navigate to assess my caps, and click on the tab that outlines your choices.

How much is a change of institution?

Currently, the JAMB charges you two thousand, five hundred Naira (N2500) for the change of institutions. However, the registration center would also charge you for the service they provide.

It is advisable to use an accredited center to avoid issues down the line. Jamb does not recognize arbitrary registrars. They have specified agents that jamb permits to register people for the change of institution.

Most times, the registrar at the center would help you with the change of institution payment process, and at other times, you may be asked to do it yourself.

  1. To make payment, go to the JAMB portal: and log in with your credentials.
  2. Click on registration for the year you are registering from the list.
  3. Navigate to the option that reads UTME data correction. Then follow the prompt to proceed to payment.
  4. You would be required to pay a total of N2500 plus charges.
  5. Charges would vary depending on the platform you wish to use to make your payment.

wrapping up

Change of institution is quite simple. But, it could be very tricky if you don’t follow appropriate processes and procedures.

Several candidates have missed out on admission due to improper handling of their change of institution procedure.

If you follow most of the procedure outlined above, you are guaranteed to remove most of the challenges that come with the JAMB change of institutions.


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