Can I do jamb Regularization Twice? Explained

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Joint Admission and Matriculation, JAMB condonement of illegitimate admission known as JAMB regularization is a process JAMB created or developed to validate students’ current admission details. It is also called Late Application.

Students who got admitted into tertiary institutions without a JAMB admission letter – whether they bypassed UTME or JAMB didn’t offer them admission, are required to regularize.

It is a system of reconciliation between your institution and JAMB.

Do you want to gain admission into a university through DE? or do you want to proceed for NYSC? You don’t have a JAMB admission letter? Then, you should regularize.

You will learn more about JAMB regularization in this article.Can I do jamb Regularization Twice

Can I do jamb regularization twice?


The answer is; No

You should try your best to avoid mistakes while entering your details on the JAMB website, nevertheless, mistakes is bound to happen sometimes.

So, if you made a mistake during your first registration and it is so important that you want to amend it; well you may be lucky.

If you have not submitted the indemnity form to your school for signature or the school is yet to forward the signed copy to JAMB office for final approval, you can reapply for regularization. After JAMB final approval, there is, most likely, nothing, neither you nor your institution can do about it.

However, if JAMB disapproves of your Regularization application or you discover your mistake before submitting the indemnity form to your school or your school rejected the indemnity form for correction purposes, then you can Regularize flawlessly second time.

This is an opportunity to correct any noticeable mistake.

How long does it take for jamb regularization to be approved?

Research shows that Joint Admission and Matriculation Board usually approve JAMB Regularization within 24 hours of collecting the stamped indemnity forms from schools.

Yet, delays in the regularization approval process are rampant. Most DE candidates and graduates; even after they have submitted the indemnity form, wait for a couple of weeks or months before receiving a final approval message through their email. The process confuses and frustrates the majority of them. Why?

Briefly, JAMB regularization application procedures include;

  1. Visit the nearest JAMB office to register.
  2. They will give you an indemnity form after a successful application.
  3. Then, you will take the indemnity form to your previous institution for signing, stamping, and approval.
  4. Your institution then sends the form to the right JAMB office for approval.
  5. JAMB approves it and sends you an email notification that you’d successfully done your regularization with the approval given.
  6. You now have new JAMB registration number.
  7. Finally, print your JAMB admission letter.

The process seems simple, so what causes the delay?

JAMB or institutions?

Findings prove that the delay is usually from the institutions. Some institutions usually wait for more and more candidates to submit, so that they can send them in bulk to JAMB office.

On the other hand, JAMB may also notice a few errors or complaints regarding the application, hence, JAMB will return it to the institution for rectification. This may also cause delay.

However, you should forward your complaints to your institution if you experience a prolonged delay.

Do I need jamb regularization for direct entry?

Many candidates who want to further their career in a University via DE after obtaining their ND, HND, NCE or Bsc results wonder if they all need to regularize.

You don’t need to regularize before you apply for direct entry. Except if;

  1. You were not offered admissions through JAMB for your ND, HND, NCE or Bsc program. This means that you were given admissions directly by your school, but not by JAMB.
  2. You were offered admissions through JAMB but not by the school where you had your ND, HND, NCE, or first degree. In other words, a school offered you admission on JAMB CAPs but you attended another school instead.
  3. You were offered ND, HND, NCE or first-degree admission through a part-time programme.

If you fall into any of these categories, kindly regularize before registration commences.

In short, If you gained your first admission through JAMB and your JAMB admission letter is available containing the same course and institution with which you completed your programme, you don’t need JAMB regularization.

Can I change my date of birth during jamb regularization?

Some graduates ask this question majorly because they are overaged. They want to participate in the program but their age is against them. Or simply they submitted the wrong date of birth to NYSC.

You can change your date of birth during jamb regularization if you gained admission directly to the school without JAMB and you need to do JAMB regularization. This is an opportunity for you to correct your date of birth.

JAMB regularization is like registering for JAMB after you have already graduated. You can take advantage of that to correct things. However, if you gained admission directly through JAMB and to the same institution and course, you can’t change your date of birth through JAMB regularization.

How do I know if my jamb regularization has been approved?

You have completed the online application. You’ve also submitted the indemnity form to your institution, and now you are waiting for JAMB approval.

But, you don’t know how to know if JAMB has approved your application for the condonement of illegitimate admission.

That is simple; JAMB will send a notification message to your email after approval. So, check your email regularly.

What should I do after JAMB approves my application for condonement of illegitimate admission?

Go ahead to print your JAMB admission letter as evidence of your admission.

Your name is now on JAMB matriculation list. Also, you can now use your new JAMB registration number to for direct entry registration, or HND program or NYSC mobilization.

Wrapping Up:

Do JAMB regularization if you are a student or graduate without JAMB admission letter.

The information and procedures provided in this article are valid as at the time of writing it, changes may occur. Please consult the right bodies before you take any action regarding JAMB regularization.


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