Nigerian perspective: Your employees retention low? HR Technology solves the problem

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Nigerian perspective: Your employees retention low? HR Technology solves the problem

It’s worrisome to see new employees who are doing very well resign after just few months of being employed, interestingly, most new hire can determine if they are going to stay longer or leave after just spending few weeks with a company and sadly a little of that fraction actually resign after a few months.

We understand that carrying out a successful recruitment cost huge amount of money and when they are employed resources are still being put in place in giving them the best training on how the firm operates.

Do you know that with HR technology you can minimise the rate at which new hirs leave, here are ways:

Find the Right People


we are in the era where data are easily stored no matter it size and also retrieve with ease, hence company have the resource to search for their requirements in a smarter way.

There are HR software that has an algorithm that gives full analysis on the requirements of employees and the best fits needed to be injected into the firm. All you have to do is just sit down and allow the tool handle the process more efficiently from thousand of resume.

Have An All Round Engagement Platform

lack of engagement is one of the reasons of high turnover, we have come across employees that complained about this problem hence the best way to tackle this problem is with deployment of technology.

The right way to get this done is by getting it right immediately they are hired; like providing them with welcome video from the CEO, getting them to know more details about the running process, know their special date, like birth date,engagement via chat with those who run things in the organisation rather than leaving them in cold.

When Salaries are paid On Time and are better paid

once employees are better paid they are likely to stay no matter the condition. Employees love their pay to be paid as at when expected and the best pay to get this done and going is to make use of Technology such as payroll software that will handle the process like paying out as at when due with no error at all.

Reward Performance

giving them rewards from time to time or once in a while will send a strong message to them that they are valued; they will feel at home hence more reason to stay with the firm. With the use of technology you can reflect this bonus or rewards on their wages no matter how small it is
With this employees putting their best that deserves an accolades ara better appreciated

Provide Learning/Growth Opportunities

every employee want growth on their career path, its best employers help them actualize their dream as regard career growth by constantly providing Growth and Learning opportunities.

Helping employees pay tuition or loan:

We all find our self in debts most times and this make most people to go depressed, so finding the best platform that help them have their debt repayment easy will go a long way showing how much you valued them. Building a culture that will make them feel better and at home works like magic.

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