Nigerian police recruitment 2024/2025, closing date, shortlisted

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Nigerian police recruitment NPF Police recruitment portal login

Medical screening for successful applicants into the Nigeria Police Force has been scheduled for May.

requirements as; “National Identity Number (NIN); original and duplicate copies of credentials, O’ Level Result(s), ertificate of Origin and Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age – neatly arranged in two white flat files with recent passport photographs attached.

Is the Nigerian police recruitment form out? When is the closing date of the  Nigerian police recruitment?

These are the questions most Nigerians ask. This article is all about the Nigerian police recruitment and its requirements,method of application , closing date, aptitude test, screening exercise and lots more information.

Check Nigerian police list of shortlisted candidate

Nigerian police recruitment 


Due to the increasing cases of banditry, kidnapping across the country and the lack of manpower to tackle this challenge, the Nigerian police force will be recruiting more hands into the Nigeria Police Force.

About 10,000 Nigerians are going to be recruited as constable into the lower cadre of the Nigeria Police Force as this will help the police force to be able to cover more ground as never before.Nigerian police recruitment

To meet international standard of policing as specified by the United Nations Only the most qualified, dynamic applicants are going to be recruited as this will guarantee best service delivery to the Nigerian people.

There has been a clamour for state or community policing over a period of time now, the government has now decided to introduce a system whereby newly recruit will find their service base in their respective Local Government.

NPF Recruitment Requirements 

Before one could get recruited into the Nigerian police force there will be series of fitness test , medical status will be checked , credentials will be verify to see if the person qualify to join the police force.

  • Nationality: only Nigerian citizens will be applying for this job.
  • Age: the minimum age limit is 18.
  • Education: minimum certificate accepted is O level certificate this should include a least 5 credit (mathematics and English)WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB.
  • Character: interested applicants Must possess good character.
  • Height: Must not be less than 1.67 metres in height for men and 1.64 metres for women.
  • Get a National Identity Number
  • Download and fill the guarantor’s form

More on the Nigerian police recruitment


The commissioner of police further said that all constable that made it through the recruitment process and subsequently recruited will be deployed to their respective local government area where they are to serve.

It has been reported that 10,000 new police officers will be recruited and injected into the Nigerian police force to help police the country through the recently introduced community policing.

With this arrangement security will be closer to the people in the community level. They are not going to operate alone as they will collaborate with community leaders and other local groups.

One of the key requirements needed to fight crime is intelligence gathering. You will agree with us that only men and women of police personnel who better understand the culture and norms of the communities they operate in can tackle crime and be successful in model day policing.

Nigeria Police Recruitment Requirements 

Minimum Age 17
Maximum Age 25
Maximum Height 1.67
Minimum Height 1.64
Academic Requirements WASSCE or NECO with at least 5 credits including English and Mathematics

How to Apply Nigeria Police Force Recruitment 

Apply here

Active email address is needed for the application and Only interested applicants are asked to apply and here is the procedure and site to apply from:

When is the Nigeria Police Force Application Closing date?

the period of six weeks from 15th October to 26th November 2023.

The Nigerian police recruitment closing date comes shortly after the portal has been activated for recruitment.

The portal will be shutdown 6 weeks after it was opened for applicant to apply. Interested applicants are advised to apply within the given period of time.

Note: NPF constable recruitment is free, no one should apply twice as such a one might face disqualification in the screening process.

The Nigerian police force salary is structured into grades and each police man or woman is placed on these grades and level based on their qualifications, experience and years of service.

Remember that we have the commission and non commission officers. The commission police officer are the ones that passed through the police college, they occupy the higher post and position and subsequently receives higher salary than non commission police officer.

Salary scale of commission officers of the Nigerian police.

IGPolice Salary per yearN8,537,980
Deputy Inspector-GeneralN5,997,022.50
Assistant Inspector-General of PoliceN5,997,022.50
Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step6)N302,970.50
Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step1)N3,201,333.48
Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7)N3,346,233.50
Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1)N2,912,587.80
Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10)N2,555,257.90
Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1)N2,198,228.76
Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step5)N2,396,687.52
Chief Of Superintendent Of Police on Grade 12 (step1)N2,065,068.72
Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step 10)N2,065,068.72
Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step1)N1,937,739.48
Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10)N2,044,796.30
Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1)N1,784,799.48
Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step10)N1,875,820.68
Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step10)N1,875,820.68
Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step1)N1,639,392.72
Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step1)N1,531,256.16
Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10)N1,045,628.10
Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)N878,778.12

Salary scale of non commission officers of the Nigerian police.

Sergent Major On Grade 06 (step 10)N746,458.56
A Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)N661.737.72
Police Sergent On Grade 05 (step 10)N671,686.10
Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)N582,490.56
Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)N613,365.10
Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)N536.586.36
Police Constable Grade Level 10N613,363.10
Police Constable Grade level 03N519.525.6
Police Recruit SalaryN108,233.10

Police recruitment official website

Here are useful portal of the Nigerian police force we thought it wise to share with you:

Community Police recruitment 

The Nigerian police community policing recruitment has already been concluded, interested applicants can apply using our guide here.

Note that the Community Policing is designed in such a way where successful applicants will be drafted and deployed to their state of residence for effective policing of their communities and villages.

Nigeria Police Recruitment  shortlist

Are you interested in checking your names on the Nigerian police force list of successful/shortlisted candidates? Dear applicants you can now check your names through here or go to any force headquarters in your state to check.

Nigerian police recruitment comes with series of test :

Applying for the Nigerian police force is one thing but getting recruited is another thing altogether.

The Nigerian police recruitment team has set up mechanisms that will ensure that only qualified applicants and well deserving people that are fitted to be called police men and women are recruited into the Nigeria Police Force. These mechanisms are in form of screening process where only those who scale through are recruited and they are as follows:

biometrics : get ready to submit your ten finger prints for capturing. This is one of the series of test that will be conducted on applicant.

medical: at the final stage of the screening Medical Test will be conducted that will show the true state of health of each applicant.

physical examination:  remember to bring all documents, but what this screening is all about is to actually check if you meet the hight of 1.67m and 1.64m for female. They are going to check if you have flat foot,broken leg or bone etc.

aptitude, oral and psychological tests: this are test that will measures broad spectrum of abilities like your ability to comprehend easily, how good you are in minor calculations, general reasoning etc.

Nigeria: Police Recruitment  – We’ll Soon Announce Date for Aptitude Test

Nigeria Police Recruitment team has released a statement through it public relations officer asking applicants for NPF recruitment to exercise little patience, noting they would be releasing the date for the Nigerian police forces aptitude test.

” the force recruitment Applicants should be rest assured that immediately the Police High Command and recruitment board fixes a date, time and venue , they will communicate All information to applicant through the right channels.

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