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Ogun state job portal  recruitment www.iseya.com.ng jobs portal to apply
Do you reside in Ogun state and you are in desperate need of a well-paid job? Have you visited the Ogun state job portal to see if there is a vacant position in highly-rated organizations in the state?

The question is — are you interested in Ogun state job recruitment and how it can be deployed to bring an end to your longtime search for a job?

Don’t feel bad if you are hearing this recruitment for the first time, it’s not too late to start applying . However, you need to go through this write-up to know how you can get a job through the portal.

Ogun State Job Portal Recruitment 2024/2025


The Ogun state job portal is just another strategy created by the state government to know the number of citizens in search of a job, and how to help them.

This is a website created for Ogun state indigenous and other Nigerians who are in search of jobs. Also known as the Ogun State recruitment portal, the page is designed to help you see the list of organizations looking for employees across the state.

It also serves as the only avenue where you can obtain and fill an application form so that you can be reached should there be any vacancy in the organization you wish to be part of.

Ogun state job portal

You can click here to visit the website or you explore the link below: http://jobs.ogunstate.gov.ng/

Ogun State Government Recruitment Requirement

You must possess some qualities and qualifications to boost your chances of being drafted into any organization in the state. They include:

  • You must be a Nigerian. Being a citizen of the state will further boost your chances.
  • Your NYSC certificate must be available
  • One of NCE, OND, HND degrees is required
  • You must be in the working class ages which ranges from 18 to 35
  • You must be physically and psychologically fit for the position you applied for.
  • Being a computer literate is an added advantage, albeit, not necessary.

Ogun State Government Recruitment Application Form

Just as every other recruitment exercise in Nigeria, the Ogun state government recruitment application can only be accessed through the portal discussed above.

We will show you what to do with the application form and how you can submit it without encountering any difficulty as we proceed.

How to apply for Ogun state Government Recruitment  Through The State Job Portal

Below is a step-by-step guideline on how you can apply for the Ogun state government recruitment program through the state’s designated job portal:

  1. Visit the Ogun state job portal by clicking on this address http://jobs.ogunstate.gov.ng/applicants
  2. Create an account by providing your phone number and active email address.
  3. Having done that, log in to your newly created account and search for the organizations that are presently in need of your services.
  4. Click on any organization of your choice. Then, find their ‘application’ link and click it.
  5. Fill out the application form with accurate and up-to-date data.
  6. Recheck all the information you’ve provided and be certain they are accurate. Then, click on the submit button to proceed.

Note: That you can create only one account on the portal, which means the application form can be submitted just once a year.

You should also be told that the application form submitted to your chosen organization is free and it doesn’t incur any hidden charges.


We believe you now know how to explore the Ogun job portal to put an end to your search for jobs available within the state.

Nonetheless, you are free to type your questions or inquiries in the comment box below.

You can equally make use of our ‘contact us page’ if you feel like having a private conversation with us. We wish you all the best as you go all-out in search of a well-paid job.

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