Quickly change your date of birth on JAMB portal (solved) 2024

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In this article, we’ll be discussing issues regarding change of date of birth on JAMB portal, and how to check it. We will also touch some other issues concerning it.

JAMB candidates might have entered the wrong date of birth during their registration, and are looking for a way to correct it. This mistake can be corrected even after registration or after the CBT exam.jamb

We have compiled a simple guideline for candidates who wish to correct their name on JAMB portal.

JAMB change of date of birth: what’s all about


Change of date of birth involve changing the date that you have set as your birthday while registering for the JAMB examination.

Change of date of birth is an important action you must take once you notice that the date of birth you used in registering for the JAMB examination doesn’t correspond with your other documents.

Immediately you find out that the date of birth that you have registered for your JAMB examination doesn’t match with your credentials, you should do the needful.

For instance, if your National ID card date of birth carries January 1, 1998 and your JAMB carries January 11, 1994, you should make sure you change it to the date featured on your National ID card and other credentials of yours.

What are the implications of not having correct date of birth?

There is always a problem when the date of birth that you have provided for an examination like JAMB does not correspond with the rest of your documents. It becomes especially problematic when you begin to make use of them during your admission process.

The first implication of using the wrong date of birth is that your admission could be denied due to false information.

Your JAMB and WAEC results, and birth certificate all contain your date of birth. Nigerian tertiary institutions disallow the use of incorrect date of birth or information, which means your application might be cast aside if all your data doesn’t match.

The second implication of using the wrong date of birth is that it could affect your NYSC mobilization exercise in the future. This usually happens when you are set to start your NYSC mobilization because officials will check your credentials.

When they notice that your JAMB date of birth doesn’t correspond with your other credentials, you won’t be posted to your place of service.

However, the mobilization officials will allow you to correct this, but we advise you to do it now that it is affordable and easier.

The last implication of using the wrong date of birth is that you will lose your credibility, making it hard to get employed in the future.

The Government and private businesses are looking to employ trusted employees to properly manage their companies and businesses, but your contradicting documents and credentials say otherwise.

Can I change my date of birth on JAMB portal?

Yes, you can change the date of birth for the JAMB examination on their official page. This means that you can do it yourself once you have a steady internet connection, the right documents(correct date of birth) and service costs.

What is the cost to correct my date of birth on JAMB portal?

The good thing about correcting your date of birth on JAMB portal is that it is affordable.

Change of date of birth on JAMB portal only costs ₦2,500 at the time of this publication. You can pay online with your ATM card.

How to change your date of birth on JAMB portal

If you’ve decided to change your date of birth on JAMB portal, follow the procedures below:

  • Visit JAMB’s official webiste.
  • Click on the E-facility link at the green navigation bar.
  • Login to your account using your email address and password.
  • Click on Application of Correction of data, located in the menu bar on the left side.
  • Select Date of Birth in the drop-down menu.
  • Select the year of examination and enter your registration number. Once you’ve done this, click on Search details.
  • Once you’ve completed the previous page, a transaction ID with bold red font will appear on the confirmation page screen.
  • Review the details of the transaction ID as it will serve to he important during payment. It will also be sent to your email address.
  • Click on Continue if you want to pay for the fee shown in the transaction ID.
  • You can use other payment methods such as Quickteller, ATM, etc. Make sure you print and photocopy the transaction ID as it will be needed in the future.
  • To pay for the Change of date of birth, input your card details and click on Pay.
  • Click on My payment to see the status of your payment.
  • JAMB will send you a copy of your transaction ID and payment status through your email after payment. Click on Continue.
  • Confirm the payment and reselect your year of examination and registration number.
  • Your details will appear on the screen, enter the correct information in the available boxes, and click Submit.
  • After submitting, an indemnity form will be displayed, print it out.
  • Fill out the form and submit to your choice of institution for approval.
  • Your institution will submit the approved copy to JAMB for the next stage.
  • JAMB will process the application, and once approved, your details will be updated on your profile.
  • JAMB will send a message to your phone number and email to update you on the change.

Alternatively, you can visit a nearby JAMB center to carry out change of date of birth for JAMB if you are unable to handle it yourself.

When is the closing date of JAMB correction of date of birth?

A date has not been set yet. You can change it at any time convenient to you.

How to check my date of birth on JAMB portal

You can check the date of birth on JAMB portal through the JAMB slip on their official site before printing out.

You can also visit JAMB portal, login to your account using your email address and password. Click on My profile, and your details including your date of birth will be displayed.

Reason for correction of date of birth

Candidates correct their date of birth mostly due to a mistake they have made during registration. It is quite important to correct this once the mistake has been noticed due to the implications that come with it.

We’ve listed out some implicationss that candidates might face due to this, so it will be wise to avoid this and correct incorrect date of birth with immediate effect.


Once you notice that a mistake or misspell has been made in any of your details during registration, correct it immediately.

We advise that you take it seriously so that it doesn’t affect your chance of getting into your choice of institution. A simple misunderstanding can be easy avoided by correcting it immediately.

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