I lost my JAMB SIM/Phone number 2024 change it

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Many candidates are faced with difficult situations once JAMB and higher institutions start giving admission. Some of them might misplace the phone that was used to register for JAMB UTME or Direct Entry.

As a result, the SIM that they used to register for JAMB is also misplaced along with the phone. Some candidates lose other things related to JAMB such as their JAMB slip, passwords to their JAMB profile, exam slips, JAMB results, etc.

Candidates may have lost their mobile phones or SIM to want to change their JAMB phone number. Immediately you lose the SIM card that you used to register for JAMB, you need to take immediate action.jamb

This is because it is via that card that JAMB will be able to send you updates concerning your admission status and other necessary information.

This is the main reason why candidates opt for changing their JAMB phone number after JAMB registration.

Another reason for candidates to warrant changing their JAMB phone number is improper filling of phone numbers during registration by the candidate or the computer operator. To avoid this, make sure you recheck the phone number you have typed in during registration.

This can also warrant when candidates get their JAMB SIMs deactivated. When this happens, they are unable to receive calls or messages from JAMB, cutting off a means of communication between JAMB and the candidates. They are also unable to surf the internet where they would have had access to JAMB’s official website. The solution here is to immediately update your SIM to an available one.

For those candidates that have fallen victims to these problems, there is a solution for you.

Consequences of not having the SIM used to register for JAMB


  • You will be unable to change course or institution.
  • If you didn’t make the admission of your school’s merit list, the next step would be to try out supplementary. If you gain admission through supplementary, you will need to visit JAMB website to change course to the new course that was given during supplementary. Once you don’t have your JAMB SIM, you will be unable to print your admission letter. Candidates are usually given a certain period to change their course through JAMB or else their admissions will be lost.

What to do in case I lost the SIM I use to register for JAMB

If you’ve misplaced the SIM that was used to register for JAMB, the best option would be to do a welcome-back for the SIM. When going for welcome-back, go along with the SIM pack and an official ID card. If the SIM isn’t yours, you could ask the true owner of the SIM to help you retrieve the line.

Recently, JAMB is helping candidates with these problems.

How to change phone number on JAMB profile

You will need to visit a JAMB office to accomplish this. You can’t easily effect change by yourself through your JAMB profile. All they need to do is to visit a JAMB office and lay out their complaints.

They will ask you some necessary questions to confirm you’re truly the owner of the profile that you want to update. JAMB officers might ask you concerning the email address that is linked to the JAMB profile, birth date, state of origin and many others.

Once you’ve been able to correctly answer all their questions to prove your ownership of the JAMB profile, they will proceed with the change.

You will be directed to change the previous phone number. Get ready to change any necessary thing like institution or course while you’re at it.

Stay away from fraudsters disguising as JAMB officials and looking for innocent candidates to dupe.

How can I get my JAMB account without a phone number?

To begin with, it is impossible to create a JAMB account without a phone number.

JAMB will prevent you from registering without a phone number because it is one of the necessary things to have to be able to register for JAMB. Your email and phone number are the two ways JAMB can properly communicate with their candidates, so it is necessary to have a phone number to be able to register for JAMB.

However, you can retrieve your JAMB account without your phone number using your email or JAMB profile. You can get hold of your JAMB account details by either using your email address or your phone number if you understand the steps.

Follow the following steps to get your JAMB account details without using your phone number:

  1. Through your email address:
  • Login to the email address that you used during your JAMB registration.
  • Scroll through your email messages and look for the first email that you received from JAMB. The first email you find is the first email that JAMB sent to you after registration. It was therefore sent the day on the day you created your JAMB account.
  • When you enter the email, you will see all the details concerning your JAMB account.
  1. Through JAMB E-facility:
  • Visit the website, https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/.
  • Enter your email address and password in their respective boxes.
  • Click on My Profile, and it will show your JAMB details.

How much is JAMB change of phone number?

It costs ₦2,500 to change your phone number on JAMB. The price is part of the necessary things that you need for JAMB to change your phone number. You need the same amount to change other things like institution, name, date of birth, etc.


Many people are faced with these kinds of situations all the time, so it is nothing to worry about. Other than JAMB candidates, people also lose their belongings, in this case, their SIM cards, mobile phones, etc.

Most times, there are ways to bring about a solution to this, while in some cases, there is no solution. Luckily for you, there are answers to your problems when it involves misplacing your JAMB SIM.

We hope that you find the solutions you seek through our article.

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