SMEDAN Number Necessary for obtaining Government Grant and intervention

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SMEDAN Number Necessary for obtaining Government Grant and intervention

You must have heard about MSME survival fund made available by the Federal government of Nigeria. In a nutshell the provider of this loan aims to revive failing businesses or businesses struggling to survive amidst lagging or non economic growth period.

Immediately the news on MSME Survival Fund was formally conveyed to the Nigerian people, a lot of business owners and individuals have shown interest in getting the funds made available by the government for businesses.

But what most people don’t know is that you actually need a business SMEDAN number alongside the CAC Number to fully register and subsequently get access to the funds.

Although there are other requirements listed but our main focus here is the SMEDAN and CAC Number which remains a critical component of the requirement.

The government as usual is participating with SMEDAN to engage beneficiaries on some weeks training before they can now access SMEDAN’s Conditional Grant Scheme (up to N50,000 per MSME),As Government continues to bring out more intervention programs at the federal, state and local level

How can I get a SMEDAN number for my business?


As we have pointed out, SMEDAN number is a must have. To get your own personal number you can log into here :
Fill your details and necessary information as requested and required by the government.

Note: all Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises situated in Nigeria can freely register and get their number.
spare part dealers, traders, fashion designers, tailors, artisans and lots more.

Why is the Government pushing for a mass registration with SMEDAN

The federal Government’s main objective is to have a database of all the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) operating in Nigeria. This will help them make policy that will ensure their diversification, expansion, growth and sustainability.

Why should MSME key into this idea?

The federal Government have lots of financial support, grants for MSME and also specialised advisory and Business Development Support (BDS) as offered through its agency SMEDAN.

For any Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to fully gain access to funding support and empowerment in particular and also training if possible there is every need to register and get the SMEDAN number.

There is a Digital MSME Certificate that will be issued out by SMEDAN alongside a Unique Identification Number to every business that participants with them.

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