Opinion : Robots slowly taking over these jobs

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Opinion : Robots slowly taking over these jobs

Business owners and employers of labour talk about technology and the like a lot as they see it as a means to reduce overhead cost.  You must have heard that sooner than later machine and robots will end up taking most jobs thereby displacing human labor. Although this got a lot of people confuse and they starts to ask if this will be possible and how will it happen or affect jobs most especially in Nigeria?

In this article we are going to list some jobs that were in high demand but have been taken over by Robots. Robots seems to be doing the jobs more than human in an efficient way.



Banking Jobs most especially cashier are now being threatened by automated teller machines that were first brought in to help bankers reduce their work Load and also help to see that every long queues are minimise and brought under control .
Right now ATM can not only dispense cash but also accept deposits from customers more faster and accurate  than cashier.


we are now in the era of big data where automated A-machine are doing a better Job at releasing news articles.
algorithms are now integrated into several software projects where it helps convert data to a well  written and comprehensive report or articles.

Data are collected by Robots and they use this data to make news articles.
This helps to do the job faster and with time we believe it will be more accurately done than human.

Another aspect is in the area of using sophisticated drones to collect data, taking images from dangerous war torn zones, this area of journalism that put the life of journalists at risk will soon be  replaced by drones.

Data Analysis:

Data Analyst carry out extensive research from a long string of data from which they make informed decisions. This job has been a hot cake right from inception but it seems threatened by technology.

Artificial intelligence has come to stay, AI seems to be one of the reliable and seems better at getting value from data.
Large set of Data can be access and Prediction can easily be made with AI technology much faster and accurately. AI is doing better at helping companies predicting their customer behaviour


Next on our list is driving. We have been hearing about driverless cars and their likes which points to the fact that soon human won’t stress themselves to drive again rather with AI technologies powered by high censor cameras, better software that will navigate and see that car is driven from one point to the other, human drivers won’t be needed any more.

With time companies such as Ubers, Taxifys will embrace this new concept hence displacing human drivers from the job.


robots are now playing key roles in predicting drugs for patients, they also take medical records. Another area we have seen the deployment of Robot is in diagnoses; Robot could now diagnose what is wrong with a patient from reported symptoms.
In The future we might see fully automated hospital fully equipped with surgical robots that could perform operation on patients.


Robot seems to be taking over and they are now learning to be human, learning to do things we do in a better way.
As human keeps improving on AI algorithm, they will continue to pose a threat to most existing jobs.From your views What other jobs can you add to our list ? Let us know in the comment section below.

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