Step to print Jamb acknowledge slip 2024/2025

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Know what is JAMB acknowledgement slip before you proceed to register for JAMB direct entry. If peradventure you were given a printed JAMB registration slip after Jamb direct entry registration, raise an alarm immediately. That is not your slip.

It may mean you haven’t registered at all; if you weren’t given your JAMB acknowledgement slip after you thought you have successfully registered for JAMB direct entry. jamb

We will uncover details about the Jamb acknowledgement slip and how to print it in this article. Please read on.

What’s jamb acknowledgement slip all about?


The JAMB acknowledgement slip is evidence of registration for JAMB direct entry. It contains the full details of your registration.

Similarly to UTME candidate’s Jamb registration slip, DE candidates will receive an acknowledgement slip, after they have successfully registered for JAMB direct entry. Jamb Acknowledgement Slip is also known as direct entry slip.

Jamb direct entry acknowledgement slip contains information, which includes;

  • Date of submission and date printed out.
  • Reference No.
  • Serial Number.
  • Candidate Serial Number
  • Jamb Logo.
  • Candidate Personal Details:
  • Candidate Passport Photograph
  • Surname/First Name/Other Name.
  • Date of Birth, Gender, LGA/State.
  • Registration Details.
  • Registration Number.
  • Highest Qualification Obtained.
  • Choice of Institutions
  • Previous Jamb Registration Number

The slip doesn’t contain candidates;

  • Telephone No./Email Address.
  • Examination Details – Town, Center Name, Date and Time.
  • UTME Subjects.

Make sure you receive the correct slip after you have successfully registered. Also, cross-check and ensure your personal information is correct.

How to print Jamb acknowledge slip for direct entry

You haven’t printed your Jamb acknowledgement slip? Or you misplace it? Whatever the case, as a result, you want to reprint. Follow any of the following procedures to print your DE slip:

Method 1

If you don’t have a printer at home, follow these procedures to get your acknowledgement slip:


  1. i. Visit the nearest accredited jamb cbt centre.
  2. ii. Give them your direct entry registration number and email address.
  3. iii. Collect your acknowledgement slip.

Method 2

This method involves downloading and printing direct entry acknowledgement slip from your email address.

If you have a printer, you can simply print your slip using this method, or better still, leave it as a pdf file on your device.


  • i. Log into your registered email address.
  • ii. Search for the subject message DE acknowledgement slip, if you can’t find it in the inbox, search the spam or junk folder.
  • iii. Open it, download and save the pdf attached file.
  • iv. Connect your device to a printer and print immediately.
  • v. Alternatively, you can take the saved file to a cyber cafe for printing.

Method 3:

With this method you can easily print directly from your PC, provided it is connected to a printer.


  • i. Go to JAMB website, log in with your email and password.
  • Ii. On your dashboard, locate DE examination slip, click on it.
  • iii. Fill in your details, click on ‘Print’.
  • iv. Collect your direct entry acknowledgement slip from the printer.
  • v. Make photocopies.

However, if you used your smartphone, you can simply save it as a document and print it at your convenience.


You can only print DE acknowledge slip if the registration is still ongoing. Once the registration period elapses, you can’t print or reprint your DE slip anymore.

As a result, print your acknowledgement slip immediately after you registered successfully and make photocopies. Also, use an active email address during the registration. That will save you from future stress and expenses.

When can I print my JAMB acknowledge slip?

Simply; you can print your JAMB acknowledgement slip only when JAMB registration is still in progress.

You can’t print or reprint after the registration period elapse.

Generally, JAMB registration period usually lasts for at least 6weeks or about 2months. Also, JAMB DE registration period is usually the same time as UTME registration. Therefore, you have enough time to print or reprint your acknowledgement slip. Don’t forget to photocopy when necessary.

Deadline for printing jamb acknowledgement slip

You can’t tell exactly when JAMB registration will end, therefore, make sure you print your jamb acknowledgement slip as soon as possible and make photocopies.

Don’t wait for deadlines, as far as JAMB is concerned, do whatever you want to do whenever it is available.

Do DE candidates write UTME examination?

Many DE candidates after successful registration wonder if they will also write UTME examination. Also, the way JAMB listed some O’level subjects on the acknowledgement slip confuses some of them the more.

So, will you write UTME examination? The answer is; NO

However, you have to register with JAMB, so that JAMB can verify your result and confirm you are qualified for admission. It helps JAMB to record your admission details on her database after you are offered admission by your desired institution.

Presently, many institutions extract candidates information from JAMB database automatically during Post UTME registration. Therefore, ensure you fill in your correct details during registration as an attempt to rectify any error after final submission may cost you effort and money.

Furthermore, though you wouldn’t write UTME examination, yet, most universities will conduct an aptitude test before they offer you admission. So, research more about your desired institution to know if you will need to write an aptitude test before you will be offered admission.

What should I do after I’ve successfully registered for JAMB direct entry?

All you have to do after successful registration is to wait and pay attention to when your desired institution will announce screening/aptitude test registration.

Also, if your desired institution will conduct a written test, you can use that time to prepare for the test. You can always reference your acknowledgement slip as a reminder in case you forget the institution you picked during registration.

Wrapping Up

While registering for JAMB direct entry, be vigilant and ensure you enter your correct details before final submission. Also, collect your acknowledgement slip as evidence of successful registration.

And finally, make sure you use an active email address for the registration – most likely, JAMB will send your acknowledgement slip to the registered email address.

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