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Nigeria Customs Recruitment  NCS Portal –\ custom service

You can now start sending your application to for NCS recruitment.
The recruitment portal has been activated and open for any Nigerian that wants to apply

The Nigerian customs service has been in the lead fight against unwholesome goods from making their way into the Nigeria market.
In the fight against importation of contraband goods there is every need to strengthen our defence mechanism mostly stationed at the entry point of the country.

To help sustain the fight the customs service need to carry out fresh recruitment in order to inject fresh blood into the service and help strengthen it workforce.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment


NCS Application

The customs service has one key role they play which is regulating the level of import into the country. They exist to make sure that tariff and import duties are paid on consumable and non consumable goods.

From the above we can see that the Nigerian custom service is also a revenue generating body as they perform clearing and forwarding services for the Government

Requirements for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment

What are the requirement for Nigeria Custom Recruitment ? For those asking for the requirement here are the listed requirements :

  • The constitution only give Nigerians the privilege to work with the customs service.
  • Applicant should get the minimum required certificate needed for processing the application online.
  • Depending in the position one is applying for, there are positions that requires Tertiary education certificates while lower positions requires O level certificate.
  • Male staffers of the Nigerian custom service should have a hight of 1.7m while female 1.64m
  • Only active part of the labour force that falls within the age bracket of 18 and 35 years of age can actually apply.
  • To actively carry their duties effectively staffers of the Nigerian custom service need to be physically fit. Before applying go to a health practitioner preferably in public hospital to get certified that you are healthy.
  • Applicant that have mental and physical issues such as disability should avail themselves the stress of applying.
  • Makes sure you are well behave or have a character that is worthy of emulation .
  • Financially indebted persons have Been advised not to apply.
  • Possess documents that prove you are actually a Nigeria, like local Government certified certificate and also state of origin certificate.

Note: those convicted by court of competent jurisdiction and also those serving prison terms won’t have any right to apply.

Documents you need to process Nigerian Customs Recruitment :

Recruitment into customs

Having all physical attributes necessary for applications is not sufficient enough for a successful application, you still need to prove that you are literate enough.

  • Get your SSCE Certificate ready
  • Higher positions needs HND/ND/OND
  • Bachelor Degree Certificate.
  • National ID Card for identification purposes, you can use NIN instead.
  • Local Government Identification
  • And finally Birth Certificate. Portal and How to Sign Up is the official portal of the Nigerian custom service, its made available for the main purpose of drafting new recruit into custom.

We listed some of the recruitment requirements , if not all the requirements that you are to upload. Get these documents scanned and ready. When you log into the portal to apply follow the instructions on how to upload them.

Multiple application for NCS is considered as a fraudulent act, note that your fingerprint will be captured when applying.

How To Apply For Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment

  • Visit the url for application purposes
  • We have different Cadre or positions they are as follows: Superintendent, Inspectorate or Assistant Cadre
  • When NCS portal opens, read the instructions on the portal then ‘APPLY FOR THIS JOB’
  • You have to accept the terms and conditions before you sign up successfully for an account.
  1. Bio data section : the Nigerian custom service demands you supply only valid information such as your names, age, address, contact information.
  2. Passport photo upload: only recent passport photographs taken not less than 6 months ago, and should be saved in JPG, JPEG, PNG, measuring 600 by 600 pixel and 200kb should be uploaded.
  3. Qualifications section: you are to fill your academic qualifications here, read the instructions and qualifications for the position or Cadre you are applying for and upload the listed credentials.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment Test Procedure

NCS is here

The customs recruitment test has a similar pattern with test that is conducted for the Nigerian Air Force, Nigerian police, civil defence and other related Government agencies.

The test will be conducted by the joint admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB where they test on how good you are in use of English and also on current affairs and there will also be a physical drilling exercise. There will be another round of medical examination at the final stage of the screening process.

How to Prepare for the Recruitment Test

The Internet is filled with different preparation techniques if you browse through. Most of this preparation techniques could end or lead one to disaster.
The best techniques that works best is lay your hand on the Nigerian custom service past question paper, try to understand the pattern the questions are set.

If possible find solution to the questions ask and memorise as much as you can because questions are often times repeated.

How much is custom salary in Nigeria?

NCS Ranks NCS Monthly Salary Range
Comptroller General ₦2,870,000 – ₦2,500,000
Deputy Comptroller General ₦2,570,000 – ₦2,480,000
Assistant Comptroller General ₦2,470,000 – ₦2,280,000
Comptrollers ₦2,070,000 – ₦1,880,000
Deputy Comptrollers ₦1,770,000 – ₦1,580,000
Assistant Comptrollers ₦1,570,000 – ₦1,480,000
Chief Superintendent Customs Officer ₦1,370,000 – ₦1,280,000
Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer ₦1,270,000 – ₦1,180,000
Assistant Superintendent of Customs I & II ₦1,070,000 – ₦980,000
Inspector of Customs ₦970,000 – ₦880,000
Assistant Inspector of Customs ₦870,000 – ₦780,000
Customs Assistant ₦770,000 – ₦680,000

What is the official website of Nigeria Custom Service?

Visit the url for application purposes for recruitment purposes

For general information purposes then you need to log onto this portal

Nigeria Customs Service list of successful candidates

There shall be a list of successful candidates that will have to proceed for a physical screening.

Successful applicants will spend not less than six-month training at the Customs Training College, Ikeja before they will be deployed to their respective base.

Duties and Responsibilities of Nigerian Custom Service officers

When it comes to import and export of goods, this business activities can’t be Carried out with out dealing with the Nigerian custom service.

  • They provide security at the entry point of the Nation’s boarder.
  • They provide the service of registration of customs.
  • They help the Government to generate statistical data for budgetary purposes
  • They help the Government to collect revenue from customs duties..
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