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The Nigerian Air force abbreviated as NAF can be described as the one of youngest in the Nigerian armed forces.

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It is the air branch in the Nigerian armed forces. It was founded about 56 years ago on the 18th of April 1964.

It has about 18,000 active personnel at present and is headquartered in Abuja, FTC Nigeria.

The organization brings together great citizens that are willing, able and ready according to their motto to man the airspace of the country.

This military organization has been saddled with different functions and itineraries that are different from other military organizations in the country.

These functions are carried out according to the instructions as enlisted in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the laws. Recruitment for airforce

The Nigerian air force outstanding duty to the country is to be fully equipped for military operations which might not necessary be about war.

Though the Air force has got miscellaneous responsibilities to carry out but they are 4 major ones that can be attributed to them.

These 4 unique functions are control of the country’s airspace, multiplication of the force, support of the force and application of the force.

Other functions are the supplies of forces to defend the airspace, gives forces to joint air transported operations, air mobile are also supplied air forces,

give forces for the execution of combat operations, provides air transportation personnel and carry out other air transportation operation same with helping to refill fuel.

With these numerous functions performed by them they only want the country to be in total progress. This is the more reason more people always want to enroll for its recruitment to contribute their quota as well.

The airfoce has its recruitment processes; this article is here to furnish you on all the information that you would need to join this noble military organization

Nigeria Air Force Application Form


The Nigeria Air force application form when released is always on the official website of the military organization at

It is an online application form and it is totally free. it is mandated to be submitted by all applicants once no multiple entry will be permitted.

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Requirements

Like every other military organizations, to apply and be successfully recruited into the air force you would need to meet their entire requirement.

But the truth is that some of their requirements are subject to change, they can be adjusted at any point in time so you need to be checking their official website at for more update

The general Nigeria air force requirements for recruitment are as follows

  • For male Applicants the accepted height will be 1.66m and for the females it shouldn’t be less than 1.63
  • All applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria
  • You must be physically and medically sound
  • There must freedom from past convictions that was criminally minded and it must be by the court of the country
  • As a Non tradesman or woman you should be between the ages of 18-23 years, the required grades are as follows: you must possess at least 5 credits to apply and the subjects are English, Mathematics and other 3 relevant subjects and must not be more than 2 sittings in your NECO/NABTED/GCE
  • As a tradesman or woman you should be between the ages of 18-25 years, you need to possess at least a lower credit in either ND or NCE or a trade certificate that is government approved from a reputable institution. You should also have in addition at least a credit in English and a 2 passes from either NECO/GCE/SSCE/NABTED
  • For those applying as drivers the minimum requirement is a credit in English and 2 passes in NECO/GCE/SSCE/NABTED and a trade test certificate
  • For sportsmen and women application one will need to show evidence of professional experience i.e. one’s medals and certificates

How to apply for the Nigeria Air force recruitment

  • All those interested to apply should use the following recommended sites: or . Remember that the form is free and you should only apply once or you get disqualified for multiple entries
  • You are expected to print out the below documents when once you are done completing your application form: Your Local Government Indigeneship Form, Acknowledgment Form, Parent/Guardian Consent Form and your Attestation Form to be signed by a Military Officer or Local Government Chairman of your LGA.
  • Your Attestation Form must have on it the passport photograph and photocopy of your signee’s International Passport or National ID Card or the Driver’s License. Same with authenticating the passport photograph of the applicant.
  • The following recruitment information needs to be noted while applying: if you dare impersonate or submit fake documents you would very much be eliminated from the interview process. Furthermore, any abnormalities detected even on the training ground will disqualify you totally from further participation or you might be handed to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.
  • For rejection of applicants that didn’t meet the demands for qualification, the military wouldn’t want to answer to all the queries concerning that. But everyone that meets the requirement are all expected to fill the online form free of charge, a valid phone number and email address must be used on the application form.
  • The condition of service for Nigeria air force is that cadets that have successfully completed their training will be given the position of a flying officer.


The Nigerian air force is a distinguished military organization that gives its personnel a high level of prestige;it is established for people of great integrity and dignity.

Applying for a recruit is quite free. If you are interested in joining the Nigeria Air force then you have to follow all the instructions for recruitment above.

The snag is that you should have met all the requirements as stated to be eligible. You just have to register only on the outlined sites on this post.

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