Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment 2024/2025

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Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment|step for a successful registration

The Nigerian Air Force on yearly basis recruits men who wish to join the Force via the Direct Short Service Entry. All those interested in Joining the Nigeria Airforce are hereby asked to go and complete their registration for the DSSC Recruitment, if they meet the entry requirements.

You Want to know what the DSSC entry entails and how to go about it easily? If yes, then you are in the right place. I will show you everything the Direct Short Service Commission entry into the Nigerian Air Force is all about.

Nigerian airforce dssc

The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a type of commission in the Nigerian Air Force, which is open to both citizens and serving military personnel. This particular entry allows both civilians and men in military service to enter the Nigerian Air Force.

The course provides avenue for the enlistment of degree holders who are Professionals in specified fields. That is, civilians who want to join the Nigerian Air Force must have the primary requirement which is to have a degree.

On the other hand, serving military personnel do not need to have a degree, but primarily a document from their current unit, where they are serving. More details about this will be revealed later in the article.

As regards the training, the recruits are usually trained for a period of 6 months. These six months involves intensive military training. Laziness or indiscipline will not be tolerated during this period.

Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment

After the training, successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Flying Officer in the Nigerian Air Force. Promotion might come in later on. This shows that not all those who are recruited for the training, will make it to join the Air Force. The 6 months intensive training is the utmost determinant. dssc

But before you get to the stage of military training, you must first of all apply for the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment. The Nigerian Air Force has opened its 2022 DSSC Recruitment Portal. You are advised to proceed to the portal as soon as possible to submit your interest.

However, you must know the requirements before you go ahead to register for the programme. Hence, I will disclose the basic entry requirements for both civilians and serving military personnel who want to join the Nigerian Air Force via the Direct Short Service Commission.

Requirements Nigerian Air Force DSSC


  • The applicant must be a Nigerian Citizen by birth or by descent. This is a very straightforward requirement.
  • Applicant must be between the ages of 22 and 35 years. This requirement also applies to medical consultants.
  • Male applicants must be at least 1.67 metre tall.
  • Female Applicants must be at least 1.64 metre tall.
  • Male applicant must have a chest width of at least 0.87 metre.
  • The applicant must be of good character.
  • Applicant must not have any criminal conviction history from a court of law. That is, the applicant must not be an ex convict.
  • Applicant must be physically and medically fit. Also, the applicant must fit into the Nigerian Air Force health standards.
  • The applicant must not have any form of disability like blindness, broken legs or arms, bow legs etc.
  • Applicant must possess his or her NYSC Discharge Certificate. If you do not have this, you are allowed to present your NYSC Exemption letter. If you do not have any of the two, then forget it.
  • Civilians who are applying into the Nigerian Air Force must have a first degree with at least a second class lower division.

Airforce DSSC recruitment not yet announced

How to Apply Nigerian Air Force DSSC

How to Apply DSSC

  1. Go to the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment Portal here
  2. Begin your application and confirm your email address.
  3. Cross check your application details and submit when you are done.
  4. You are required to print the following documents;
    • Local Government indigeneship form
    • Attestation form or letter
    • Acknowledgement form
    • Serving military personnel are required to print out the special attestation form. This will be filled and signed by their current unit commanding officer.

Is the Nigerian Air Force  DSSC Recruitment ongoing?

No. At the moment, the 2021 DSSC Recruitment process has not begun. The Nigerian Air Force will make it known to the public as soon as it begins. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the portal is opened.

How much is the  Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment Form?

Do not be deceive by anyone! The application is opened to everyone who is interested for free. Do not give your money to anyone who promises to help you get the application done.

In addition, kindly take note that the Nigerian Air Force us not affiliated with anyone who promises you recruitment into the NA, at a price. If you are caught, you and the person involved will face the law.

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