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The Nigeria Immigration Service 2023 recruitment exercise is about to begin, and you are advised to apply as soon as possible to boost your chances of success.

Don’t know how to apply for the NIS recruitment ? No problem because this article will guide you through all the required steps and procedures. However, let’s begin with some relevant information about the Nigerian Immigration Services.

What Is Nigerian Immigration Services All About


Nigeria Immigration Service is a paramilitary agency set up by the federal government as part of its desire to control the manner with which people migrate in and out of the country.Immigration recruitment application

The history of the Nigeria Immigration Service could be traced back to 1958 when it emerged from the Nigerian Police Force during Tafawa Balewa’s military regime.

Since the whole NIS idea was initiated by the Federal Government, it’s not surprising that the government is in charge of the agency’s activities and affairs. Click here if you’re interested in more NIS history and details.

Functions of the Nigeria Immigration Services

1. It checks the people entering/leaving the country: This is the main reason why the agency was established. It ensures that immigrants are thoroughly checked before they are allowed into the country.

They also ensure that Nigerians and foreigners leaving the country don’t possess illegal and incriminating luggage.

2. It Issues All The Traveling Documents: NIS is legally supported by the Nigerian constitution to make ready all crucial traveling documents to Nigerians migrating out of the country’s borders.

3. It Issues Residence Permit To Qualified Immigrants: Residence-permit is paperwork that allows foreigners to stay in west African without being harassed by government officials.

Also known as The Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC), Residence-permit is produced and issued only by the Nigeria Immigration Service.

4. It keeps up-to-date records of emigrants and immigrants which would be used for future references.

5. It equally serves as a security agency ensuring that the borders are highly secured.

6. It arrests illegal migrants before handling them to the appropriate agency for further punishment.

7. It serves as a law-enforcing agency that makes sure that travelers obey all traveling rules and regulations.

Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Requirements

This year’s NIS recruitment requirements are classified into two major groups including physical attributes and academic qualifications.

I. NIS Recruitment Requirement — Physical Attributes

Below is the complete list of the criteria you must possess in this category:

  • • Nigerian birth certificate; meaning you must be a successful Nigerian by birth.
  • • You must be within 18-30 age grade
  • • Height: 1.65m for Male applicants while female applicants shouldn’t be shorter than 1.60m
  • • Chest width of 0.87m which is only applicable to male applicants.
  • • You must be free of any physical disabilities such as stammering, dumb, Gross malformation of teeth, improper leg formation (bow legs, Flat foot, bent knees, etc), improper vision, hunchback, deafness, obesity.
  • • Pregnant applicants are not accepted

II. NIS Recruitment  Requirement — Academic Qualifications

Here are the academic qualifications you must possess to stand any chance:

  • • A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree obtained in an accredited tertiary institution.
  • • Higher National Diploma (HND) obtained at a relevant polytechnic.
  • • You must be computer literate who knows the in-and-out of a computer system. Being conversant with Microsoft office and other important Apps gives you an edge over other applicants.

When Will Nigeria Immigration Services Recruitment  Begin?

At the time of this publication, the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment portal  is unaccessible which means the NIS recruitment  hasn’t started.

However, that’s expected to change sooner than later and you are advised to keep refreshing this page for regular updates and helpful tips.

Alternatively, you can visit the commission’s official portal @ for more authentic news about the requirements form.

How to Apply for The NIS Recruitment 2023/2024 Exercise

Kindly follow the steps below to apply for the  NIS recruitment exercise:

  • Visit the official recruitment portal @ to begin the registration process.
  • There is an ‘apply here’ option beneath every rank. Find the rank you are eligible for, and click on the ‘Apply Here’ link to proceed.
  • Create a new account using a functional and accessible email account. You would receive a verification link via the registered email address.
  • Visit your mailbox, click on the link to verify your account. Check your spam folder if the link isn’t displayed in the regular/normal message folder.
  • Login to your newly-created profile once you are done with the verification stage.
  • Complete the final registration phase and submit. Note that the whole application procedures are free of charge.

NIS Recruitment  Deadline Date

The Nigeria Immigration Service  recruitment exercise commencement date is unknown just as the closing date.


We trust the concerned agency to communicate the opening and closing date any moment from now.

Ensure all the aforementioned documents and qualifications are readily available to avoid unnecessary delay by the time the portal is available.

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