www.npf.gov.ng shortlisted/successful candidates 2021/2022 www.psc.gov.ng|check your name now

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www.npf.gov.ng shortlisted/successful candidates 2021/2022 www.psc.gov.ng|check your name now

The Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 | www.npf.gov.ng shortlisted/successful List is Here | NPF successful .

Allow our team to guide you on how to access the full list or your name on just released list by the Nigerian police recruitment team.

We understand that you are about to check the shortlisted list via www.npf.gov.ng shortlisted/successful of the Nigeria Police for the 2021/2022 Recruitment year

How to check Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022

Only the few candidates that are able to fully met the NPF screening requirements and gone a little further in having the best performance during the recruitment exercise will have their name listed on the shortlisted list.

Please don’t fail to check you SMS or your email address also. Please avoid anyone that ask you to pay money for getting your name smuggled into the Nigerian police list of shortlisted candidate.

Please note that the key factor of seeing your name on the list ; is Federal character, quota system and merit to get enlisted into the force. Each state or geographical region has a slot reserved for them and only the best candidates gets this slot for their respective states.


Applicant and those looking forward to seeing their names on the list of shortlisted candidates for 2021; we want to inform you to start getting your self prepared for the screening test that is about the commence.

More also NPF has started uploading names of shortlisted candidate on their website for swift checking of names. In fact constable list could be access on the portal immediately its activated.

More on Nigerian police recruitment 2021/2022:

The Nigerian police recruitment board are mandated to make a public broadcast about any planned recruitment into the force so as to invite the general public who might be interested in applying for various openings and opportunities that comes up in the force.

But its worrisome that unemployment rate is really alarming and this has lead almost every jobless and unemployed Nigerians to give it a shot while reality has it that most of the applicant don’t even have an atom of passion for the Job.

this has caused a lot of problems in the policing structure of the force and also reduce the level of professionalism as seen in other part of the world

This ultimately lead the federal Government to place some level of restriction and requirements so as to select the best set of caliber of individuals for the job.

The Government are now insisting on integrating the recruitment process with a computer base test to test candidates with end desire to bring professionalism into the Force.

This made the authorities of the Nigeria Police Force to come up with a new measure that demand that applicant must possess passion for the Job first before they can start applying.

Police shortlisted list

The police recruitment team has come up with stringent measures to filter and identify those who have true passion for the Job from those who just applied because of idleness and unemployment and the state of the economy.

All candidate will be taken through series of examination, screening, interview and lots more before they will be accepted as duly qualified for the job.

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  1. I will be glad to hear that my name will be among those names that are qualified for the training via npf 2020/2021, I have been waiting for this opportunity I purchased for it last 2years but I didn’t work out for me but I give it a try for last year which am expecting good result for it, please if government will allow those that are interested for it not those that want it all because of know job in our dear country

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