Euro to naira black market exchange rate today 2024 Abokifx

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With the current rate of Euro
As it is today, you will agree with me that having just one Euro within the shores of Nigeria means a lot.

Honestly having a few Euros running in hundred means you are big and seen as a big man.

If you doubt me you should Just take a close look at the current rate of Euros to Naira you will agree to that fact.

Without being told you will agree with me that getting a better value for your money is best appreciated at the black market.

Euro to naira parallel market


Dollar to Naira (EUR to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate 1600
Buying Rate 1570
Pounds to Naira (EUR to NGN) CBN Official Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate
Buying Rate

You might be interested in the aboki exchange rate which might prompt you to ask “What is aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today?”

well you don’t have to stress your self for daily exchange rate, The exchange rate of Euros to Naira has been computed and is actually minimal.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

As you can see right now the Euros to naira black market exchange rate is 1600.

Being better informed about current rates help you negotiate better and always be ahead in time each time you step your foot at the local street /exchange market

Note: the exchange rate of Euros to naira in the black market or parallel market is quite much different from the bank rate and the difference is something every one should be worried about which is 1600.
According to data from our automated tool, one United States Dollar now equals to 1600 Nigerian Naira.

Note that when ever there are intervention made by the central banks there might most likely be an appreciation against the Euros, but don’t worry we are here to cover you up by giving you the right rates as reflected on the currency market.

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