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Lagos State Government Recruitment  | See Application Procedures||latest news update

In a move to reduce unemployment in Lagos state, the Government has launched a scheme aim at serving as a platform to help both the public and private sector partner together in tackling unemployment in the state.

Lagos state Government recruitment


The Lagos state Government is concerned about the administrative functions of Lagos state.
Just like every other state Government, it is made up of the executive, judiciary and the legislative arm.

The chief executive officer of the state is the Governor, who implement policies and also controls the state ministries through its commissioners appointed to me oversea its functions.Lagos state government recruitment

More news on Lagos state government recruitment

Are you searching for job without having the experience? Having a well paid Job without experience in Nigeria right now doesn’t come that easy.
Most Jobs out there requires some level of knowledge and skills and all these are stated in their job description.

The Lagos state Government has plans on reducing the number of unemployment most amongst youth in the state. The Governor has approved the employment of about 4000 youth for immediate employment in the state internship programme.

The state government through its commissioner of wealth creation and employment said that the main focus for this internship programme is to assist young graduates develope employability and work-ready skills that will help them in future or time to come gain employment easily.

What you should know about the Lagos state internship programme

  1. The requirement listed by the Lagos state Government states that each applicant should have NYSC discharge certificate or exemption latter.
  2. Only those who are residing in Lagos and are also identify themselves with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency, LASRRA.
  3. Successful applicants will be on a monthly stipend of about 40,000 naira every month for a period of about 2 years.
  4. Duration of the programme is just two years.

How to get started for Lagos State Government Recruitment

  • First create an account: you need to fill your bio data on the recruitment website.
  • Secondly you should take the assessment test: there will be an online test, its mandatory that all applicant take this test.
  • Wait for a call : there are 50 off-takers that have indicated interest in employing those who meet the above guidelines. They will check your profile and if they feel you are qualified then they will contact you.

How to Apply for Lagos State Graduate Internship Placement Programme (GIPP).

If you feel you are capable and confident you are qualified having gone through the employment requirements please just follow this link and start applying :

Select Graduate when the site opens up.

Sign-up or create a profile using your email address and chose a password you can remember.

Check your email for a registration link sent to you. Click on this link to continue your registration with the Lagos state government recruitment.

Why you should embrace this scheme

The Graduate Internship Placement Programme will play a big part in helping the Government reduce the number of unemployed youth and also help in shaping the youth and making them employable because they will be getting needed skills that are required in the Labour Market hence boost their employability

Lagos State Teachers Recruitment

Are you interested in the education sector? Are you interested about teaching Jobs? If yes then you can start applying for jobs through

That’s the Lagos state Government teachers recruitment portal. Remember that all recruitment is free of charge.

The Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB will be recruiting qualified teachers, if you are qualify then check if recruitment is on and apply right now.

Basic Requirements for All Positions

Here are the requirements for Lagos State Government Recruitment:

  • Applicant can apply with either NCE or any first degree,most preferably in education.
  • Applicant can also apply with TTC, HND, PGDE

Other requirements are as follow:

  • First school leaving
  • WAEC, NECO, GCE or any equivalent to any of these certificates.
  • NYSC exemption latter or certificate.
  • Means of identification.
  • Birth certificate or affidavits
  • Should not be less than 18 years of age.

Method of Application/ how to apply:

Apply here recruitment

  • GO through the above link and sign up.
  • Check available jobs that are open for application.
  • Access the recruitment form and fill your bio information there.
  • Print your acknowledge slip after applying.
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