FIRS Recruitment 2024/2025 federal Inland revenue service : Portal and Salary

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FIRS Recruitment  federal Inland revenue service : Application form, Portal and Salary|latest news today

Federal Inland Revenue Service Recruitment portal has been activated hence qualified and suitable Nigerians are being called upon to apply.

If you ever dream of working with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) the opportunity is here and has present it self to you to join the revenue generating agency of the Government.

Job opportunities in the FIRS ( federal Inland revenue service) is not for everyone, it is reserved for those who has what it takes to work in the taxation and revenue government agency and these set of people are those with university degree holders or HND holders that have interest in taxation, accounting,business management etc.

This article shall take you through the application guidelines, processes that are taken to shortlist successful candidates.

We are still going to talk about Federal Inland Revenue Service Recruitment exams and various screening and physical verification that applicant will be subjected to and lot more information.

FIRS portal

Federal Inland Revenue Service Recruitment


The Federal Inland Revenue Service is very vital to the Government in terms of revenue generation most especially in the non oil sector of the economy.

The responsibility of the Federal Inland Revenue Service lies in the collection and accounting of revenues that private and corporate bodies operating in Nigeria need to pay to the Government.

Apart from collection of taxes due to the Government, the Federal Inland Revenue Service carries out other online activities like the e-Tax Payment and e-Receipt that makes business and Nigerians pay their taxes from the convenient of their home,

there is also e-Registration that could be done online and its proven to be more efficient and reliable than the offline registration.

From the look of things the federal Inland revenue service occupies an important position and is crucial for the survival of the Government because without funds Governments activities wont be carried out.

For this reason the FIRS is always on quest seeking eligible personnel and professionals that will help proffer solutions to problems facing the agency hence its workforce needs to be strengthen through its annual recruitment.

requirements for FIRS Recruitment

  • Having an up-to-date knowledge on Nigerian tax law and all the framework needed for it application.
  • You should have bachelor’s or master’s degree in any of banking and finance, law, accounting, economics, computer science, statistics or any related courses.
  • You can still apply with HND certificate in any of banking and finance, law, accounting, economics, computer science, statistics or any related courses.
  • Have the ability to work with tax payers and also be able to ensure full compliance.
  • Applicant should also be vast in computer operation and should have a better understanding of Microsoft Office, web applications etc.
  • You should be able to communicate ideas perfectly.
  • You should also have adequate knowledge on how business and the industry operates

General Requirements for FIRS Recruitment Application

  1. FIRS maximum recruitment age is 30.
  2. Have the minimum education requirements
  3. NYSC exemption or exemption letter is a must gave
  4. Be fit in all round
  5. Have a prove that you are a Nigerian ; present your certificate of State of Origin and Local Government certificate.
  6. Be able to pass an online exams.

FIRS Recruitment Descriptions

  • Applicant who are recruited are expect to ensure uniform application of tax laws in Nigeria.
  • Help instill discipline amongst staff who are responsible for assessing small and medium sized enterprises,large corporation etc.
  • Help to increase tax revenues Accrued to the Government.

How to apply for FIRS  recruitment

Federal Inland Revenue Service zar

To start the application process you should first confirm if the federal Inland revenue service FIRS is recruiting :

Here is the FIRS Recruitment page :

If FIRS portal is activated for recruitment candidates should read instructions for application on the site.

Only applicant who meet the requirements and are considered employable will be shortlisted by FIRS

No applicant should apply more than once.
FIRS Recruitment is free of charge and forms are not sold.

Preparing for the FIRS  Screening / Aptitude Test

Our job here is to try our best so as to ensure that our readers are updated 24/7 through our numerous articles we post. The federal inland revenue service recruitment update won’t be different, we are still here watching the recruitment trends and getting the latest update from the federal Inland revenue service FIRS recruitment team hence just make sure you follow our update here so you don’t miss out.

As regard the federal Inland revenue service FIRS Aptitude Test we are going to provide study materials, study guide that will not only equipped you but will also put you ahead of others in the race to get the FIRS job slot.

What are the functions of FIRS?

The federal Inland revenue service FIRS was established very long ago, in fact it was upgraded in 2007 with aim and objective not only to serve the central Government but also the Nigerian people through providing a platform for transparent and efficient tax system.

  • Tax laws needs to be uniform in its application in Nigeria, FIRS seeks to get this done.
  • To ascertain what each business unit should pay men of FIRS evaluate such businesses in term of their monthly inflow.
  • They look into the affairs and day to day running of small businesses in Nigeria and advises them on areas needed.
  • Disputed cases that arise between the Government and the business owners in areas that relates to taxes are better sorted out by FIRS.

What is the salary in Federal Inland Revenue Service?

Let’s discuss how much you will earn if eventually you are employed as a staff of the federal Inland revenue service.

Getting the actual figures of most Government agencies is not easy. Most of these data are not usually made open to the general public. But if you are on entry-level which is level 8, your salary should fluctuate from N80,000 to N100,000 per month. Whereas those on level 7 which is a little lower stands to get N1,073,217 per annum or approximately N89,434 per month. Don’t forget as you climb the ladder your take home pay also increases.

Firs salary structure

Job Position Average Salary Per Month (Naira)
Youth corper –Monthly Intern ₦34,000 – ₦46,000
Assistant manager ₦310,000 – ₦331,000
Tax Administrator ₦360,000 – ₦342,000
Conseiller En Développement – Monthly ₦279,000 – ₦298,000
INSPECTOR of TAXES ₦382,000 – ₦412,600
Accounting Clerk – Monthly Intern ₦67,000 – ₦73,000
Accountant – Monthly ₦198,000 – ₦211,000
Human Resources Generalist – Monthly ₦479,000 – ₦517,000
VAT officer (corper) – Monthly ₦24,000 – ₦26,000
Tax Officer ₦289,600 – ₦310,000
Corps Member – Monthly ₦24,000 – ₦26,000
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