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The Nigerian Air Force has given us a new portal to apply from and the portal link is

For DSSC recruitment please click here>>>Nigerian airforce DSSC recruitment

Are you for recruitment? Checking of names of Nigeria airforce list of shortlisted or you just want to check your exam date and venue? All can be done from this portal

Are you applying for the Nigerian Air Force as an airman or an Airwoman? The official portal recruitment portal of the Nigerian Airforce has been activated and is now available for you all to access and start submitting their forms online.

Remember that recruitment @ is free of charge. Application Login Portal 2024/2025


To start applying for the Nigerian Air Force you should first know in details all the requirements, terms and conditions you should meet and More also the particular area that are of interest to the Nigerian Air Force.

Nigerian airforce

To start the process you should log on to, please note that you can make use of your mobile device to do that or better make use of your computer which is the best device to submit online application with ease.

After you must have access the portal which is, as a fresh applicant, you should make use of an email and password to create an online profile with the Nigerian AirForce on

Login to your email and get it validated, only then can you be able to access the recruitment form at of the Nigerian Air Force

How to Apply via

Remember we said that the application portal is First access the link from your end point via your device browser.

Enter your valid email address and a unique password you won’t easily forget or better get the password written down on a booklet for easy remembrance.

Access the form when you log on with your newly created password. Fill your personal information and upload your documents and your passport.

Things to note while applying for Nigerian airforce recruitment

  • won’t accept your application if you have flat foot.
  • There are chances that your application won’t scale through if you don’t have a valid identity card.
  • It is very important and necessary to have a good height and also a an expandable chest for male.
  • portal will be short down after the application deadline. Ensure you meet up with your application before the closing date.

Is joining the Nigerian Air Force worth it?

Joining the Nigerian Air Force and spending your time defending the territorial sovereignty of Nigeria is not a bad idea, in fact its a right choice.

Although the pay aren’t that high unlike those working with the civil service and multinationals but if money is not your driving factor for joining the Nigerian Air Force you can still pursue or explore a non combatant field.Apply for airforce @ portal

This will enables you to still enjoy the privileges and prestige that comes with working with the airforce and also still maintain a civilian lifestyle.

What are the cons of joining the airforce?

Deployment: you might be redeploy to places you do not have a choice to reject. The military determines everything about your posting and stuff like that.

Family separation: often time you might be sent on an official duty which requires you to stay 6 months or even a year hence separating you from your family.

Lack of freedom: you can’t just leave the barrack and travel over a long distance without clearance. The only time you get that true freedom is when you are on a leave.

Regimental life style : you are expected to spend the whole of your 35 years of service as a military airforce men or woman.

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