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NDDC Recruitment  Niger Delta Development Commission Application Form Portal | www.nddc.gov.ng|compete guide

The Niger Delta Development Commission seeks to employ qualified Nigerians to fill vacant positions that are available for immediate employment in the commission.

NDDC Recruitment 2024/2025


NDDC Recruitment

Niger Delta Development Commission was established in 2000, just a year after Nigerian returned to Democratic rule from long military rule.
After a long neglect of Niger Delta region leaving the region underdevelop , the commission was set up with a sole aim of developing the region.

Umar Musa Yar’Adua, the then president had to create the Niger Delta ministry because of the constant disruption of oil supply by militancy operating in the region , right now the Niger Delta Development Commission is just a parastatal that is under the Niger Delta ministry.

Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment is free of charge and each applicant should be ready to go through a medical test and also psychometric test.

NDDC Recruitment  Requirements

  • Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment age is between 18 to 30 years of age.
  • This job is mainly for Nigerians but preference will be given to indigenes of NNDC states
  • All necessary documents and certificates, be it educational and non educational documents must be uploaded online while applying.
  • You should have a valid means of identification.
  • There shall be a screening exercise and only those who got above average score will be recruited.

Educational requirements:

At least candidates should possess four credits pass in one sittings or 5 credits pass in 2 sittings (including English language).

NNDC Recruitment portal

NDDC portal


How To Apply For NDDC Recruitment


Immediately recruitment is open we will update this page with the right links to apply.

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Important Points to Note on NDDC Recruitment

  1. Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment is for Nigerian alone.
  • Only those who meet the basic requirements of Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment will be recruited.
  • Recruitment will favour those who are from the region rather than federal character principle.
  • Niger Delta Development Commission recruitment is online and its free of charge

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NDDC salary structure :

The Niger Delta Development Commission is an agency that is fully funded by the Federal government for some development purposes in the Niger Delta states.

Their jobs comes with an attractive take home pay. The salary of each staff depends on the role of the job, the qualification of an employee and lot more.

From all indication the average salary is around 118,617 Naira monthly. Those working as a Computer Operator receives 89,000 monthly while those working as Front Desk Officer receives 53,000 monthly. The least pay receives 32,000 and are those working as secretary. An Excavator Operator receives 105,000 monthly.

Please note that there are other benefits and allowance that are excluded from this figures we listed above and more also we advise that this figure might not be the exact amount, the actual figures must have changed over time.

But if you feel that what we put down here does not reflect on what is currently on ground please use the comment link to inform us.

Mission of Niger Delta Development Commission

  1. They collaborate with oil companies to tackle oil pollution and spillage.
  • Niger Delta Development Commission inspect ongoing projects in the region.
  • They are on a mission to train and educate youth from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
  • They are mandated to carry out development projects like construction of roads, construction of bridges etc.
  • They strive to find problem (social economic) facing the region
  • NNDC also tries to tackle ecological problems facing the region.

Funding of the commission :

The Niger Delta Development Commission gets part of its funding of about 15% from the federal Government , then about 3% comes from oil producing companies operating in the region. While 3.50% comes from gas processing companies. State Government and foreign bodies also contribute from time to time,some of this money comes as gift, grant and some are realise from asset owned by the commission.

Project handled by NNDC

The Niger Delta Development Commission handles lots of projects that include provision of water, transformer for electricity projects, empowerment of youth from the region, construction of roads and many more.
Some of the notable project this commission has handled are:

  • The completion of the 29km Ogbia-Nembe road that is located in Bayelsa state.
  • They offer scholarships programmes mostly for postgraduate students
  • They contribute to sustainable education programmes like building of class rooms and hostels in both state and federal government institutions in the Niger Delta region.
  • Medically NDDC are doing great by providing free medical services, like free surgeries etc.
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