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NEMA Recruitment  Form Portal ||National Emergency Management Agency |latest news

National Emergency Management Agency was established to help the Nigerian Government efficiently manage resources that is mapped out for the prevention of disaster in Nigeria.

Where ever there is disaster in Nigeria, the Government agency that comes in to the scene is NEMA, their main duty is to help ascertain the level of destruction, how to help reduce the impact of such destruction on the lives of Nigerians.

They also help to carry out rescue operations, planning, rehabilitation, passing of relevant information to the people, they also carry out mass advocacy etc.

NEMA Recruitment 2024/2025 Requirements



  • Just ensure you have your First School Leaving Certificate for a smooth recruitment process.
  • Another NEMA recruitment Requirements is to obtain SSCE certificate with at least 5 credits.
  • Bachelor Degree or HND degree.
  • Having a good behaviour is required.
  • Computer skills is needed in most federal jobs now

How to Apply for NEMA Recruitment

Currently there is no job advert on NEMA website but be rest assured we will alert you when opportunities are available.

Funding :

The Importance of the National Emergency Management Agency can not be overemphasized. For the agency to function effectively funds needed to be allocated to them by the Government.

To carry out their duty of disaster management the federal Government allocates 1% of the Gross domestic product and 20% of Ecological Fund to NEMA.

other ministries such as the ministry of Environment, Health play an active role when it comes to financing.

State Government and Local government also contribute to the purse of NEMA, as the federal Government has encouraged them to support the agency by establishing State Emergency Management Agencies in every state while the local Government are not left out, they are to establish Local Emergency Management Committees.

Functions of NEMA :

  • They stockpile relief material in all their offices within the 36 states in Nigeria and also in their offices in Abuja.
  • They collaborate with NGO’s CSO’s, FBO’s and CBO’s to help in times of distress and disaster.
  • They issue warning to Nigeria on disaster from time to time and also put contingency in place
  • They carry out Sensitization Campaign through Nigeria.
  • They conduct post disaster assessment and make their findings known to government.
  • NEMA is known to carry out humanitarian response to most African countries such as Gambia, Niger, the Congo, Mali.
  • NEMA is also known to help Nigerians who has been repatriated from foreign countries but have no where to go

What is the full meaning of NEMA ?

NEMA is an abbreviation that simply means National Emergency Management Agency. You can check on their website to validate this.

How to Apply for NEMA ?

Nema portal

First you have to wait for the National Emergency Management Agency recruitment advertisement by either following or bookmarking this information on your browser. If there is recruitment at the National Emergency Management Agency anytime soon then you can follow the step above to apply.

What is the selected process with NEMA Recruitment?

The National Emergency Management Agency recruitment is usually intense in all form. Going through their salary structure you will agree with me that NEMA staffs are better paid and also maintain the best salary structure in the non oil sector of the economy.

So After the first stage of the National Emergency Management Agency recruitment, selection process begins in full and only those that honestly meet the minimum requirements gets a slot but before then there will be screening and exams that will span through various stages.

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