SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme 2024/2025

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SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme Application PortalĀ  Smallholders Farmers & Cooperatives|see how you can apply

How to apply for CBN Anchor Borrowers fund?
Have you heard about the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme that targets Smallholders Farmers & Cooperatives? If your answer is No then this article will explain everything to you.

This programme is meant to fund 1.6 million farmers across the country so as to guarantee food supply . Please note that the loan are meant to be repaid as this is not a grant. Although the interest rate is just 5 percent from the usual 10 percent. This will enable farmers meet up with the repayment plan.SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers

The SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme is meant to provide funding support to small farmers in the Agricultural sector who lack funds to keep their business going. If you are looking for funds to enhance your agricultural business then search no further; the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme is here for you.

We are all familiar with what CBN stands for but wait a minute; do you know the meaning of SEIFAC? Okay it’s stands for Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative. Going by the name it means that those to be considered for this grant should be under a Cooperative no matter how small it is.

The purpose of this article is to enlighten the general public about the ongoing registration of the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme and how they can benefit from the scheme immensely.

Application Process |How SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme Works


Here is the steps to apply for the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme. Just follow the detailed guide:

Step 1: Profile Creation
This programme is for those who falls in the active labour force and also the elderly. What this means is that one has to attain the age of 18 first before applying. Now log into the portal to create a profile.

Step 2: Registration:

Next you should be much interested or have passion for farming and also be a registered member with Farmers Agricultural Cooperative society . Your personal information and important details are likely needed, so you have to enter this details accurately.

Step 3: Application
This aspect has to do with the actual signing up for the programme by logging into the site, select the program category that suits your crop production enterprise

Step 4: Project Account

Now you need a SEIFAC Project Account and this will be open and managed by an SEIFAC Official Bankers. Although much detail in this will be forwarded to you vial mail. Other details needed are your BVN and other details.

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme 2024/2025 Application Method

Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Register Online through

Note: the SEIFAC Registration is free of charge, please don’t pay anyone money to influence the outcome of the programme

Farmers that are likely to benefit from this programme include those cultivating cereals, cotton, roots and tubers, sugarcane, tree crops, legumes, tomato and livestock etc.

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