Startup Nigeria Incubation Program 2024 Registration

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Startup Nigeria Incubation Program Registration www.startup now Entrepreneurs Update

Many startups in Nigeria fail due to a number of reasons. Some of which include insufficient funds and skills. We have entrepreneurs who do not have adequate skills and funds but just venture into business.

Well, the good news is that a program has been introduced to help young entrepreneurs tackle this problem and create long lasting solution. You know what it is…The Startup Nigeria!

Startup Nigeria is a 3 month incubation program which has been structured and designed to support innovative ideas staged companies across Nigeria with funding, mentorship and training. Let’s see more about it.

The curriculum of Startup Nigeria is specifically designed to move companies from ideas to viable products/services. This is a tool that helps brings the dream of many companies into possibilities.

Startup Nigeria

In addition, the Startup Nigeria gives founders and entrepreneurs the required leverage to excel with their specially destined curriculum to help idea and early stage entrepreneurs find their footing and grow in Nigeria’s socio Economic train.

This program ensures that no willing entrepreneur is left behind in the growth of socio Economic activities. What are you waiting for? Do you own a startup or early staged business in Nigeria? If yes, come with me and let’s see how you can benefit from the Startup Nigeria Initiative.

Eligible States for the Startup Nigeria ProgramĀ  .


I know how overwhelmed you are after hearing of this amazing opportunity. But, there is something you need to be aware of before thinking of applying for this program.

The Startup Nigeria Program is limited to 3 out of 6 Geo political zones in Nigeria. If your state, does not fall under any of these zones, then you are not eligible to register for the program.

  1. North Central – This includes Niger, FCT, Nasarawa, Benue, Kogi, Plateau and Kwara States.
  2. North West – This includes Jigawa, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Kastina, Kaduna and Kano States.
  3. South East – This includes Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia, Imo and Anambra States.

Benefits of the Startup Nigeria Program

There are many benefits of participating in the Startup Nigeria Program. Out of which, we are bring you just three major benefits. These are the things you stand to gain from being a participant at the Startup Nigeria Program.

  • Training: This is usually the first thing you gain, before other benefits follow. The curriculum of the Startup Nigeria is designed to help companies quickly validate their core hypothesis, build products and Services users love and gain traction.

During the period of this training, you can get as much knowledge as you wish to gain if you are focused and willing to learn. You will be trained by experts who are doing very well at their area of specialization.

  • Mentorship: If you are the type who is into a business, without a mentor, then your growth might be a little slow. Mentors have being in your present situation and they perfectly know how well to beat your current condition.

In short, mentors accelerate business growth and help entrepreneurs grow faster. The Startup Nigeria will provide you with mentors who will relate with you well.

  • Equity free Funding: Startups receive investment to help move their ideas forward and support on future fundraising. This funding is usually a prize.

The beneficiaries are not required to return the fund or pay back with an accrued interest. You get your funds if you qualify for it.

The Startup Nigeria runs like a competition, whereby different startups who apply for it will be shortlisted till they arrive at a specified number of beneficiaries. These finalists will be the one to receive the funding.

How to apply for the Startup Nigeria Program

Startup Nigeria

Phases of the StartUp Nigeria Competition

Let me give you the phases of the competition as it was done in 2019. All the phases here have been completed as at 2019.

  1. Application – Over 8,000 startups applications were received from the eligible Geo political zones(North Central and South East).
  2. Pitch Interview – The top 60 startups were invited for the pitch Interview. Top 30 startups qualified for the next stage.
  3. Hackathon – The top 20 idea stage applicants were invited to the hackathon
  4. Bootcamp – This stage involved a 5 day intensive bootcamp for 20 participants; 10 from each zone.
  5. Pitch Bootcamp – Involved a 2 day intensive training to prepare qualified startups for the demo day.
  6. Demo Day – Demo day was very competitive and intense as each participant had just 3 minutes to pitch and communicate their ideas to the judges. Two winners emerged from the two Geo political zones.
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