How To Get JAMB Registration Number For Direct Entry

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It seems the correct information about JAMB and the admission process in Nigeria did not circulate well. Most candidates and guidance don’t really knows the right steps to take when it comes to the admission process in Nigeria.

And the worst of all, The body involved in the admission process will only publish hints in magazines and other publicity media – nobody to explain the exact process to the masses, no one to answer the masses mind burning questions.

No wonder over 59% of admission seekers fail to gain admission yearly. The majority of them didn’t fail the examination, many just couldn’t secure admission simply because they weren’t properly informed.Can I do jamb Regularization Twice

This set of applicants can be easily defrauded with the JAMB runs scam and similar fraudulent acts.

On the same matter, many DE admission seekers don’t know whether they need JAMB registration number or talk less about how to get it for JAMB direct entry registration.

To bridge that gap, we have compiled answers to some of the most rampant questions among direct entry applicants. Read on to learn more.

How to get JAMB registration number for Direct entry


For ND, HND, NCE and first-degree certificate holders that want to further their studies in University via direct entry, you need your previous JAMB registration number for JAMB direct entry registration. JAMB will ask for it during registration.

If you gained your first admission through JAMB and your JAMB admission letter is available containing the same course and institution with which you completed your programme, you can use that same JAMB registration number for your JAMB direct entry registration.

Furthermore, if you check your admission status on JAMB portal and it displays ‘No admission is given yet’ whereas you have graduated, Or you obtained your certificate through a part-time program, then you should regularize to get a new or renewed registration number as the case may be.

Generally, so far you don’t have JAMB admission letter for your previous admission and you want to register for JAMB direct entry, then you should regularize asap to get a JAMB registration number.

Can I apply for direct entry without JAMB registration number?


You can apply for direct entry without JAMB registration number if you have any of the following; A’Level result – IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge, NABTEB Advanced or Registered Nurse or Midwifery (RN/RMW) certificate or Diploma in Health Technology or any other related health courses.

You don’t need JAMB registration number if you have any of them. All you need is your Matriculation Number, then, select OTHERS option during JAMB direct entry registration.

But, if you are an ND, HND, NCE, or first-degree holder, you can’t register for Direct Entry without JAMB registration number. If you don’t have a valid JAMB registration number, go and Regularize Now.

Do I need JAMB regularization for direct entry?


You don’t need JAMB regularization, as long as you have a valid JAMB admission letter for your previous institution and course. Or You want to register for Direct Entry with any A’Level result.

But if your previous admission is not recorded on JAMB database, then you should do JAMB regularization.

Can I register for JAMB and direct entry?


You can’t register for UTME and Direct Entry simultaneously during the same academic session. If you do so, you have forfeited your chance of gaining admission automatically. You should only register one at a time.

However, you can register for UTME and later convert it to Direct Entry at a later time, provided you meet the set requirements. That’s if you register for UTME during the registration period, and you later obtained ND, HND, NCE, or A’level result

or first degree before your desired institution commences her admission processing exercise for the same session, you can convert that UTME to DE before registering for screening with your desired institution. This is valid even if you sat for the UTME examination.

Note that you will be required to provide your results at the point of conversion.

How do I check my jamb regularization number?

The New or Renewed JAMB Registration number received from JAMB after approval of condonement of illegitimate admission may be referred to as JAMB regularization number.

After the final approval of your application for condonement of illegitimate admission also known as JAMB Regularization, JAMB will send a notification message to your registered email address – it contains your new or renewed JAMB registration number.

Alternatively, You can check your new Jamb registration number after JAMB approves your Regularization from the JAMB website. It is located in your dashboard, where you have the approved sign.

To check your new JAMB registration number, follow the procedures highlighted below;

  • Go to JAMB website, log in with your email and password.
  • After you log in successfully, click on My Profile.
  • Then, tap on Service Usage
  • Tap on Visit my Usage
  • Allow it to load.
  • Locate your new JAMB registration number on the page.
  • Write it down and keep it safe.

With your new JAMB registration number, you can now proceed with your JAMB direct entry registration.

Documents required for JAMB regularization.

If you are one of those that will regularize, go to the nearest JAMB office with the following documents;

  • Your O’level Result: WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB or Combined results.
  • Your passport photograph.
  • National Identity Card

Kindly note you will be required to provide the following information at the point of application:

Your details which include; Residential Address, Date Of Birth, Email Address, Gender, Phone Number, Marital Status, Names, State of Origin, Your Previous JAMB Registration Number and Year Of Enrollment among others.

Wrapping Up:

Those are some of the most asked questions about JAMB direct entry. We compiled the answers from thorough research and real-life applications.

However, as a direct entry candidate, you should be current about your admission process, research enough and consult experts before you take action. We hope this article will guide you towards the right path. We will answer some other questions in the next article.

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