NYIF shortlisted names nyif.nmfb.com.ng/successful/Applicants 2024/2025

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nyif.nmfb.com.ng/successful/ApplicantsĀ  shortlisted names of NYIF |see How to Check it now

The successful candidate list of those who applied for the federal Government 75 billion naira loan is here at nyif.nmfb.com.ng/successful/Applicants

Remember that seeing your name on the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) means that you have meet the minimum requirements for the first stage of the application.

Those with financial crime based on the record they have on their BVN with financial institutions won’t get their names published on the list of successful candidate. Hence it is important to maintain a clean financial record with your bank verification number.

NYIF Shortlisted form

Remember that the only information you are ask to provide is your names, BVN. The Government already have record of your BVN and all transactions done with it.

If you are successful, You still have to go for a training exercise that is scheduled to hold in your selected zone you have chosen.

You can start checking your name on the portal of Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) immediately the list is uploaded

List of Successful Candidates for theĀ  Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)


The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) through their twitter handle (twitter.com/YouthInvestment) has confirmed that candidates who applied for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) should be patient a little as the team is concluding the process of releasing names of shortlisted candidate .

NYIF Shortlisted n successful list here

NYIF official website

Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) official website is


NYIF Loan Stages

When you are done with the NYIF online application, list of shortlisted candidate will be released online for checking. Successful applicants who made it or found their names on the list of successful candidates will have to get themselves prepared for a training by approved Enterprise Development Institute (EDI).

It is after this training that those who are qualified to receive this fund will be paid N250k to N3 million depending on their business plan and size of their business.

With this funds given you have a chance of starting and running your business according to what you have on the business plan.

NYIF Application Eligibility

  • To have your name on the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) list of successful candidates you should be free from financial crimes for the last 10 years.
  • You should be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) states that applicant should possess Local Government issued certificate and also state of origin certificate.
  • You should have a solid business plan before applying for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF); more also your business needs to be registered with CAC and if possible get a TIN.

Error on NYIF website

Did you get error on the website while registering or checking your name on list of shortlisted candidate? It could be that network is poor in your area or the server of the website is overloaded.

We advice to continue with the site at the middle of the night when traffic must have gone down a little


Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) will only get to those who proved that they can successfully run a business with the fund. As you are applying and waiting for the list of shortlisted candidate please keep updating your business plan because you are to present your plan to the team.

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