State Security Service (SSS) Recruitment 2024/2025 Portal

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SSS Recruitment 

It is possible you have been trying to become one of SSS officers but your mission hasn’t been accomplished despite taking part in their annual recruitment process.

It could be that you haven’t been able to provide all the required documents.

However, that’s going to change as we are set to tell you everything you should about the SSS recruitment and how you can successfully apply.

Meanwhile, for the sake of people who are hearing the term for the first time, before then, here is little information about SSS.

What Is tate Security Service (SSS) ?


State Security Services (SSS) are special armed force created in 1986 from the defunct National Security Organization (NSO). Sss recruitment

They consist of drilled and trained officers who provide maximum security to high-ranked politicians in the country.

President, Governors, senators and their wives fall in the categories of people who are guided by the SSS officers.

Apart from providing maximum security watch over their bosses, some of the SSS officers are given the opportunity to live double lives.

This means they equally serve as policemen, naval staff police, soldiers and other security related jobs.

Due to the nature of their primary assignment, the SSS are backed up by the Nigerian constitution to make use of sophisticated weapons.

SSS Recruitment Portal

As at the time of this report, the SSS  recruitment portal isn’t opened yet, but that should change any time soon. You can keep refreshing this page for latest updates.

Nonetheless, judging by previous recruitment exercises, the recruitment portal is right there below:

SSS Recruitment Requirements

Below are all the qualifications you must possess before applying for any SSS position:

  • SSCE result which includes credits in English and 2 other subjects.
  • National Diploma (ND) acquired from a recognized institution in Nigeria.
  • A signed letter from your local government chairman
  • A certified medical report from recognized government hospital
  • You must be physically, mentally and psychologically fit.

SSS Application Process

  1. Ensure that all listed credentials are ready
  2. Visit the SSS recruitment portal or you can easily click here to begin.
  3. Scan all the required documents credentials and upload them on the SSS portal.
  4. You should ensure that the files are uploaded successfully before ending the session.


How Much Is SSS Registration

The SSS registration is completely free. You should be very careful of fraudster seeking for whom to dupe by claiming to be SSS job-giving officials.

SSS Shortlisted Candidates

Having received and reviewed all submitted applications, the names of success applicants will be published on their site.

You can easily check if your name is listed or not.

State Security Service Website

You can reach out to any SSS officer via their official website (below) in case there is information you wish to confirm directly from them.

SSS Salary

It is believed that a low ranked SSS officer receives not less than N120, 000 in a month. This means you are guaranteed to receive at least N1, 440,000 annually irrespective of your rank.


After reading this content, we are very confident you can successfully apply for 2021 SSS recruitment exercise without pressure.

Meanwhile, feel free to paste your questions if there is any info you wish to know about the SSS and their requirement exercise.

State Security Service Achievement So Far


Department of state service in Nigeria has been so active in the past few years. In the military regime, like that of the Babangida regime they were known to carry out mission that end them respect and much love among Nigerians.

Department of state service in 1993 arrested a terrorist in a border town between Benin Republic and Nigeria, the name of the man arrested was called Omar Mohammed Ali Rezaq who is an Egyptian .

There was also a year, 2010 precisely, the men of SSS was able to trace and confiscate some cache of weapons that was brought in from Iron.

The federal Government most times rely on men of SSS when it wants to Infiltrate a terror or militant group just to know how they operate

A wanted kidnapper who has been on the list of police was captured by the men of SSS. The kidnapper’s names Binebi who was known for killing security operatives. In 2010 it was said he supervised the burning of a patrol boat that belong to the Government

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