Easily Record Employee Attendance

Manage Attendance Records

Employee attendance tracking has gotten miles easier. Maintain attendance records and receive automated weekly or monthly summary attendance and lateness reports on your workforce

Integrated with T&A Biometric Devices

Set-up our web-connected Biometric Device in minutes at your office locations, allowing employees clock-in with fingerprints or access cards.
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Plan and Organize Shifts

Create Custom Shift Schedules

Full flexibility to create multiple shifts across your organization, and define overtime and lateness policies for each shift schedule

Assign Shifts and Resolve Schedule Conflicts

Assign shifts to individual employees and easily spot shift conflicts and empty shifts. Publish and send these shifts to employees via email or SMS


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Custom Reports & Payroll Intergation

Custom Report Layouts

Generate and download summary attendance records in excel or pdf format. You can also create multiple custom excel layouts for reporting purposes.

Integrated With TalentBase Payroll

Fully integrated with TalentBase Payroll which auto calculates time-based compensation for hourly workers


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